Children Are Killing the Planet

The latest in environmentalism– don’t have kids.

It’s a “logical” jump. If humanity is destroying the planet, then it’s only reasonable to end humanity, and that means stop having kids.

Get your tubes tied. Get your vasectomy. Remove your testicles. Remove your ovaries. That prevents you from having an abortion, too! Solve that ethical problem. Now you can have as much sex as you want while trying to get everyone else to stop consuming to save the world from catastrophic warming.

China’s already suggested their abortion policies are helping to curb global warming. Too bad all those new coal-burning power plants aren’t helping. I guess if you abort 10 babies, it offsets the carbon released by one plant for one year!

Of course, this is the extreme extreme of the pro-abortion movement (note this has nothing to do with choice– if we don’t start killing the children, we’re all going to die!).

What’s next? Soylent green? Start putting caps on the maximum age of people? (Because those old fogies don’t contribute to society, so it’s best to just kill them at age 70.)

But, in all, I don’t care if the environmentalists want to sterilize themselves for a better tomorrow. Go ahead. But we know where this kind of thinking goes. How long before Dennis Kucinich recommends the government control just how many kids a family can have and to have a “maximum age” for non-contributing members of society? All to save the planet, of course.


5 Responses to “Children Are Killing the Planet”

  1. 1 dancing rabbit
    November 16, 2008 at 9:01 am

    Cute… Quite a leap equating families practicing self-restraint in limiting the number of children so we don’t overwhelm the carrying capacity of the earth with “If humanity is destroying the planet, then it’s only reasonable to end humanity, and that means stop having kids.”

    Either you’re really stupid or really dishonest. Most likely both.

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