The Amazing World of Quantum Mechanics

You’ve heard the famous postulate, “If a tree falls in the woods, and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

Guess what.  It’s got a real world application in quantum mechanics.

“If the universe is sustained by dark energy, and nobody is around to observe the dark energy, it will not decrease.”  That’s the news from the New Scientist and authors Lawrence Krauss and James Dent.

It’s based on the multiple worlds of quantum mechanics.  It’s hard to grasp, but it all has to do with randomness and the lack of randomness associated with observation.

Let me explain it like this:  if you have a kettle of water on the stove, and you don’t observe it, it can act randomly.  It can boil, stop boiling, turn to ice, spontaneously turn to steam and then back into water–  you’ll never know what it’s doing unless you’re actually looking at it.  But if you stand there and watch the kettle, the only thing it can do is warm up and boil.  All of the randomness of that particular system is removed because you’re observing it.  So the randomness of the universe is removed so long as a system is kept under constant observation!

What does this mean?  In the world of Dark Energy, the energy in between the galaxies that continues to push clusters of star groups apart (and keep some together), that energy is fluctuating at a random interval that, until recently, has gone unmeasured.  Now that humanity is observing Dark Energy, the randomness is removed, which means the Dark Energy is no longer random but finite, and that limits the randomness it can do– all because we’re looking at it!

Of course, the weirdness of this science is in the uncertainty.  Does it have to be humans observing this change, or could it be the universe itself which is noticing the change, and that means the observations by humans are moot as there has been an observing force for eons before we could even understand how to make fire.  And if the universe observes itself, it means the universe has ultimately condemned itself to destruction through self-realization!

In other words, ignorance is bliss!

The more we understand about Dark Matter and Dark Energy, the less we seem to understand about the universe as a whole.  Given that there seems to be spontaneous decay of electrons in the vastness of the space between galaxies, I think our physicist friends are missing something fundamental– how can we have spontaneous decay of matter in a void?  I know some believe that Dark Energy is spontaneously converting to Dark Matter and back again, but I find that hard to understand in the cold void between galaxies.  What I do think is that there are nother neighboring dimensions which “leak” into our universe at weak points– points where there is no matter to define the universe.  Because there’s a null-property reach without gravity, temperature or matter in significant amounts, the reality of the universe, quantumly, is dispersed and weakened, giving rise to bleed from other universes of real material, while at the same time leeching energy and mass that exists in those zones.

We know all energy and mass, when in motion, travel in waves.  We know that space and time are interconnected (just ask Einstein).  If space has definitive value, as it does if it’s a membrane between dimensions, then it stands to reason it travels in waves as well, and that would mean time travels in waves too.  And if everything in the universe travels in waves, it’s not unreasonable to assume that the continuity of the universe we live in is itself a wave.  And if our universe is a wave amongst waves, alternative dimensions could easily be other waves which are adjacent to or intersect our universe.

Fascinating stuff.


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