Iran and Nukes

The declassified estimate of Iran’s nuclear potential was a relief and disconcerting at the same time.  Iran won’t have a bomb until 2015.  Whew!  Only 7 more years before they can start lobbing nukes.  See, isn’t that much better?

Some people think the Bush administration is lying about Iran so they can prepare an invasion.  Others think it’s diplomatic muscling to get Iran to stop shipping IEDs to Iraq.

There’s one thing that’s for sure.  Iran wants a bomb, and their centrifuges are designed to build a bomb.  We know this because Iran rejected a Russian offer to use pre-enriched fuel rods at their reactors in exchange for dismantling the centrifuges and the weapons program.  Iran refused.  And the only logical reason to refuse is that the centrifuges are going to be used for something else.  And there’s only one other purpose there– makin’ bombs.

Our intelligence gathering hasn’t been the greatest.  We invaded Iraq and discovered a limited WMD program that was not what we expected.  The CIA seems to be wrong and wrong again when it comes to Middle East affairs, so I am wondering just how right they are about this tidbit.

And can we afford to be wrong about their stopped nuke program, one they swear up and down is still running?  And if we’re lax, will the Israelis be so?


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