Teddy Bear Jihad

I’m sure you’ve been following the story of the schoolteacher from England who was teaching abroad in the Sudan and was imprisoned for naming a teddy bear “Mohammed”.  (Actually, the class voted to name the bear Mohammed.  How that incriminates her, I have no idea.)  There were crowds out calling for her to be killed for insulting the “prophet”.  Well, she’s back home and she’s learned her lesson.  No, not that Islam is a religion of hypersensitive aggressors.  It’s that she should have been more sensitive!  (I wonder what would have happened if the students suggested the teddy bear be named “Mohammed” and she said, “No”?  My guess– riots and beheadings!)

But wait.  We have the moral equivalency of the members of the View.  And to be honest, I’m wondering if these people read the news, because they’re comparing two different events.  If a student names his own teddy bear, nobody’s going to care (Whoopi).  If the class votes to name it Jesus in a public school, then there will be uproar, but not from the people who would think it’s sacrilegious.  If the teacher in the public school named it Jesus, then there’d be a response from the school administration.  But one thing is for sure– nobody would call for the death of the teacher in any case.

Michelle has a great rundown of other items that have caused riotous outrage, from soccer balls to Korans that (weren’t) place in toilets to ice cream.

Can we say that certain places of the world have crazy Islamists yet?


2 Responses to “Teddy Bear Jihad”

  1. 1 Andrea Urbas
    December 4, 2007 at 10:52 am

    This whole situation is beyond words. If Muslims want respect for their so-called religion of peace, they better start living in the modern world and respect others. They are nothing better than bullys.

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