Christmas is for Pandering and Empty Platitudes!

So much to talk about. Huckabee is rockin’ the polls. Mitt is still strong. Rudy is fading. Fred! has some of the best sound bites around, but then turns in an uninspired pit stop on the campaign trial. But he does pick up one of the most influential endorsements for GOP candidates in Iowa.

The biggest blown-out-of-proportion controversy has been Mike Huckabee’s “floating cross” ad. He’s in the foreground, talking about Christmas, and how he wants to keep Christ in Christmas and wants people to know Christmas is all about Jesus. But everyone’s flipping out about a cross-shaped bookcase in the background. It’s absurd. People are complaining about him having a “secret cross”, but at the same time he’s extolling Jesus. I would think the references to Jesus in Christmas would be far more offensive.

In the meantime, Rudy’s got a Christmas spot. I can’t wait until he unwraps his new mistress under the tree! Seriously, it’s a good spot. I really wouldn’t mind a President Rudy, but I don’t know if I could handle another4-8 years of Republican sex scandals.

And, it’s not GOP related, but Hillary’s got a new Christmas spot. Bryan at Hot Air has a perfect reaction to it. I wonder if any of those presents contain withheld documents?

John Edwards manages to depress everyone during the holiday season. He’s such a nice guy. He has 400 million dollars in the bank, but he identifies with the poor. What an ass.

And then there’s Barak Obama. Cocaine. What? How did that end up in there? Bob Kerry, I’m looking at you. Stay away from the keyboard!  What an a-hole.  Barak’s ad is nice, but it’s just like his policies– warm fuzzies and no substance.  I’m just waiting for him to build an M-5 unit impressed with his own engrams.

In the meantime, there’s someone who’s a solid candidate, getting little exposure, but hitting every issue like a solid conservative.   Everyone in the righty-o-sphere wants him as VP.  I want him as Prez.  Can we do that?  Please?  As a Christmas gift to me?


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