What does this poll tell you?

That the “unelectable” Hunter is the most widely palatable to all voters/conservatives.

Universally, the GOP is missing the boat.  Hunter is the best candidate.


I can’t understand why we’ve elected so many losers lately– and it’s because the GOP is too busy nominating losers.  Big tent syndrome.  Come on folks!


1 Response to “What does this poll tell you?”

  1. 1 jamie
    December 24, 2007 at 12:50 am

    GOP voters are most persuaded by the tough talk of Giuliani as he plays the fear card, ‘elect me or die’… the macho simplicity of Fred ‘pickup truck’ Thompson… the ‘god is my pilot’ Huckabee … and the slick ‘tell us what we want to hear’ Romney. Hunter makes too much sense and is beyond the comprehension of the redneck ‘guns, God and Walmart’ Republican voters.. aka ‘the White Christian party.’ Republican politicians must assume the role of bottom feeders to win elections, and that means keeping it simple, appealing to basic American family values, and spending enough to smear the opposition. Hunter is too good a candidate to receive the nomination.

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