Why McCain?

So, I’ve been thinking long & hard about John McCain.  I was more likely to support him back in 2000.  But now he’s been doing his best to stick it to the base and do whatever he wants.  As a member of the base, I’m not happy and, as I’ve said before, I’d be happier with an Obama presidency just to illustrate what horrible leadership you get with a Democratic president.

But I’ve changed my mind, and now I’m reluctantly putting my support behind McCain.  Frankly, I’m getting tired of voting for “best of the worst”, but hearing more and more from the Obama camp, especially what he’s planning on doing with taxes, nationalized health care, and foreign policy, I’d rather take the Maverick than the Obamamessiah.

The issue that really put me into the McCain camp was thinking about the Supreme Court.  The Maverick can appoint whoever he wants, and they may be a Souter, they may be a Kennedy, or they may be an Alito.  All I know is that there’s a greater chance of getting someone who believes in a “living Constitution” with Obama– 99%.  McCain, IMHO, would appoint some who have stronger conservative positions, simply because those on the liberal side would tend to rule against stronger actions against terrorism.

The court currently has 1 member who is 87 (turning 88 this year), and that’s John Paul Stevens, a strong liberal on the court.  It is highly likely that whoever the 44th President is, he’s going to be replacing Stevens (I think it’s clear Stevens has been holding onto his seat hoping to be replaced by a Democratic president in 2008).  In addition, Scalia (71), Ginsburg (74), Kennedy (71), Bryer (69) and Souter (68) are all approaching “ripe old ages”, and the likelihood one of them will retire in the next 4-8 years is pretty good.  Having Obama there would not necessarily be a disaster, but it could significantly alter the composition of the Court.  If Obama gets elected, I’m sure we’ll see Ginsburg and Stevens retire- maybe even Bryer.  That would be three solidly liberal justices replaced by three solidly liberal justices.

To truly overturn some really bad constitutional law made from 1970-1995, the court needs to have 5 justices with conservative credentials, as well as a legacy of justices who maintain those credentials.  Currently, Roberts & Thomas are good for a legacy, with Scalia and Alito backing them up.  Kennedy is more of a moderate, but leans more towards the Conservative edge of the spectrum.  Replacing Stevens with someone more conservative would return the court to a stricter interpretation of the Constitution, and get rid of abominations such as Kelo and Roe v. Wade.

The Democratic nominee should emphasize this point to rally the base.  But they won’t, because they know that running to lock up the USSC is not a good campaign strategy.

So, I’m going to cast my vote for McCain.


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