It’s been a while

Sorry for the lack of posting. A combo of computer issues and work issues have monopolized my time. That and a complete lack of anything to say. Seriously. Barack Obama and Hillary have dominated the news cycle, and people’s heads are exploding left and right. I think Obama’s got the nomination in the bag, but then the bag was shaken violently with the “revelation” that his pastor is a Grade A Jackass.

Hillary? Worst campaign in history, but she could win this thing if Obama implodes. And if there’s anything we know about the Democrats, they’re experts at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

In the meantime, I saw this post and had to link to it. Read the whole thing and understand why so many scientists (not PhD’s in Music) are skeptical of Global Warming. It’s what I’ve been saying for years, and now the DATA is coming through– that models, regardless of just how cool the computers are, can’t reliably be used to predict the destruction of the planet by greenhouse gases.

Edit:  ha!  Beat Hot Air to the punch.  N00B$!


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