Soddom & Gomorrah, Asteroid Casualties

Looks like a low-angle asteroid entry may have wiped out Sodom and Gomorrah before finally coming to rest in the mountains of Austria, a new historical discovery has shown.

Burning debris and shockwaves from the asteroid may have been the residue of an asteroid that hit the Earth’s atmosphere and broken up, sending smaller particles raining down upon locations in its path, such as Sodom and Gomorrah.

Most people think that the one place you need to worry about in an Asteroid/Earth collision is the point of impact. This is not true. A massive object will leave a trail of devastation through it’s wake, the result of the speed and heat of the object interacting with the atmosphere. If the object is close enough to the ground, the shock waves can level trees and structures. In addition, the friction from the atmosphere superheats the rock and air, causing a “rain of fire” to fall along its path. Sodom and Gomorrah were just in the right (or wrong) place for that asteroid to rain destruction upon them.

Still no explanation on the “pillar of salt”, but if Lot’s wife actually ran back to the two cities, she certainly would have been turned to ash. It’s also possible the light generated from the asteroid would have given exposed flesh a serious burn and perhaps blinded her.

Some out there may be crowing that this is just more evidence that “God doesn’t exist.” Well, it’s not proof one way or another. But you may want to ask yourself, “How did they know to get out of the city when they did?”


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