What’s Driving Current Temperatures?

It’s not carbon dioxide. In fact, the current La Nina has been so powerful it’s dropped temperatures around the planet. And in 1998 a persistent and powerful El Nino sent global temperatures rising.

What’s important about this data is it shows that there are external forcing factors that come from the oceans and the sun which dwarf atmospheric heat-trapping contributions to the biosphere.

The IPCC deftly sidestepped these external pressures when condemning mankind for warming the planet.

If the El Nino trends drop off we can expect the temperatures on the planet to drop off again. In fact, El Nino is closely associated with ice ages. More frequent El Ninos disrupt ice fields and cause a warming of the planet. Less frequent El Ninos allow for the planet to cool.

What’s clear from data on El Nino and La Nina is that there have been more El Ninos and less La Nina’s in a period from 1978 to 1998. Temperatures have seemed to level off, and possibly even drop– something that correlates well with only 1 El Nino year between 2008 and 1998 and 3 La Nina years, the current La Nina being a very strong cooling event. The global temperatures exhibit correlation with El Nino and La Nina events. If you look at the period from 1950 to present as far as heating goes, you can see the world gets warmer when there are a greater number of El Ninos to La Ninas, and when there are greater La Ninas, the temperautre trend reverses.

I’m not going to stake my academic career on 50 years of data (it would be great if we could see La Nina and El Nino charts going back 100 years and see if the temperatures in the 30’s were the result of El Nino events as well). But I find it very interesting that La Nina and El Nino events track very well with current global temperatures– and they have little to do with greenhouse warming from CO2.

El Nino and La Nina are not greatly understood by the scientific community. We know when they appear and generally why, but we’re not exactly sure what causes the formation of the events that start El Nino (which is a relaxation or increase in the trade winds).


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  1. 1 Matt R
    April 5, 2008 at 9:42 am

    Who would never have, in thier wildest dreams, ever thought, they’d say these words.
    “Battlestar Galactica” is the best thing on TV.
    Wow, Starbuck is a smokin’ hottie.”

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