Passing the Torch

Finally, a San Francisco protest that’s meaningful. Well, sort-of. Given the protests in London and Paris, Chinese officials and SF Mayor Gavin Newsom (D) conspired to mislead the crowds and run a secret torch route somewhere in San Francisco, while fans of the Olympics and protestors lined the parade route to object to China’s abyssmal human rights record.

The Olympics has always been a ceremony of the individuals of countries that are expressing peaceful competition for the sake of unity. The best athletes represent their countries, and we’ve seen some of the best of the nations give remarkable statements in their triumph.

But now enter China, which routinely stifles free speech, and even stifles the lives of those grasping for freedom. Such was the case recently in Tibet. Is China truly a forum that promotes the Olympian ideal? Or is it merely a money/publicity stunt for a brutal regime?

I think we all know what the answer to that is. We should all also recognize that the mayor of San Francisco, the place of my birth, willingly conspired with Communist officials to safeguard their interests as well as deny fans and protesters alike meaningful discourse. When the torch is diverted in a clandestine manner, it really smacks of a “government that knows better than the rabble”.

But such is the nature of the spineless weasel that was elected in San Francisco. At least the mayors of London and Paris let the masses show their distaste for the Olympic games in China with a direct embarrassment of the Chinese. Mayor Newsom is too interested in appeasing the Communists than to let freedom-loving people show their abject disgust with the oppressive Chinese government.


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