Hillary Does Shots

I know, not a lot of substance lately, so to make up for it.. more fluff in the form of Crown Royal-shooting Hillary

And my personal rendition of the new “3 AM Phone Call After a Few Shots of Crown”:

*Phone rings* *hand grabs for receiver, drops it twice, then picks it up*

HC: Whaddya want?

Chief of Staff: Madame President, we have a situation in South America.

HC: Well I’ve got a situation here! I need more BOOZE!

CoS: Um, can you repeat that?

HC: Youallthink… youallthink I’m too SOFT. Well, Jim beam think’s I’m nice and hard!

CoS: Madame President, what the hell does that mean?

HC: Hold on… *door opens* *pounding techno music and people shouting* Woooooo hoooo! Shots all around!

CoS: Madame President? I can barely hear you.

HC: Who’s the PREEZZZ? Oh..uhoh.. *Bleaarrrgghhhh*


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