Why the Democratic Candidates Are Terrible

Ok, here’s the problem.  Obama has no real platform.  He’s running on “Change”.  Well, I have some “change” in my pocket.  Don’t run for President.  He speaks of Change, but he’s an Illinois (read: Chicago) politician who’s best buddies with a nutso preacher.  He says he’s experienced, but he’s never run in a competitive campaign.  He says he’s a man of the people, but both he and his wife have proven themselves to be as elitist as any Democrat.  What’s worse is he can’t think well when challenged.  And his “rhetoric of change” now has Iran dictating policy to the US.  Does the US really want foreign dictatorships defining the conversation?  No.  And that’s what Baracka’s major problem is– he doesn’t think, he just says what he wants people to hear, and then backtracks.

What’s worse is Hillary.  She’s changed so many of her policies in the past 18 months that I don’t know what she’ll actually do in the White House.  Will she sit down with Iran, or bomb them?  Or sit down with them while bombing them?  And will she withdraw troops from Iraq to bomb Iran?  She’s been all over the board on this, so it’s hard to figure out what her actual policy is.  Same with renewable fuels.  Both she and Baracka wanted corn-to-ethanol plants built, and now that food prices have risen, she “just wants to use the corn husk”.

So we have a candidate without a platform, and a candidate with such a bipolar platform that it’s impossible to guess what she’ll really do as President.  Do you feel comfortable voting for either of these two?  I don’t.

So currently I’m with McCain.  Let’s just hope to God he picks a great VP.


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