NASA to Announce Big Find! UPDATE: Your Head Asplode!

NASA is reporting that they’ve found something they’ve been looking for for 50 years. Speculation is running rampant around the internet, anything from “Planet X” to alien life.

I’ll be interested to see what they’ve found– perhaps conclusive proof of dark matter or dark energy. As they were using the Chandra X-Ray telescope, they’re probably probing for black holes or some other X-ray spewing hypermass. We’ll see.

UPDATE: It’s true! We found space aliens! And they were mooning us!

In all seriousness, the scientists have revealed an expanding remnant from a supernova. This supernova is only 140 or so years old. It’s pretty exciting to find such a recent supernova– especially so close to Earth.

But, it has nothing to do with aliens, or Planet X, or Nemesis, or the “face” on Mars, or any other garbage.

Sometimes the answer is right in front of you, as I called it with the X-ray spewing hypermass.


1 Response to “NASA to Announce Big Find! UPDATE: Your Head Asplode!”

  1. May 14, 2008 at 7:55 am

    They’ve found that they need a LOT MORE MONEY to continue to find what they haven’t announced yet…

    Please remember: it’s time to jockey for budget…

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