Sick of “Greening” and “Organic Living”

You’ve all heard it.  “I’m using compact flourescent lightbulbs because they’re better for the environment.”  Or “I’m going to use cloth diapers to avoid dumping them in landfills.”  Or “I’m not going to buy anything plastic because it doesn’t biodegrade in landfills.”  These are the statements of your “Green” friends.  We’re destroying the environment through consumption.  The same ideals are being applied to food, too, and “organic eating”.  Eat less beef beacuse cattle are bad for the environment.  Same with pigs.  (Fish will be on the way out as well because we don’t want to overfish).  Soon we’ll be encouraged to eat nothing but lentils and beets, and even those in short supply because farming is bad for the environment.

I’ve been to the store and I’ve seen “organic food”.  It’s about double the price of the “inorganic” food.  It’s supposed to be healthier for you because it doesn’t contain “chemicals”.  There’s also the breads.  100% Stone ground wheat-seed fiber pods bread that costs double what wheat bread normally costs.  The difference?  The use of enriched flour, which is cheaper to use.  Dr. Oz is on Oprah telling us that we need to eat more flaxseed oil ($15 a bottle– chump change for a heart surgeon, but for a teacher with two kids, it’s a luxury) and start eating better (many of the foods he espouses are expensive as well– again, easy for a guy who makes $400,000 as a heart surgeon).

Look, Dr. Oz knows what he’s talking about.  If you’ve got the money and you want to buy the absolute best foods for you, then by all means, clean out the shelves at Whole Foods.  In the meantime, don’t guilt the lower-middle class into buying all of this expensive organic and green crap while blowing a horn that they’re killing themselves in an over-consumptive lifestyle.

Organic foods aren’t better for you.  Hate to say it, they may be worse for you.  Beef without antibiotics are more prone to disease.  If you want to eat diseased meat, go right ahead.  As for the veggies– organic means no pesticides (which means lower crop yields due to greater loss at the hands of insects which means, you guessed it, higher prices).  Now, the FDA is fanatic about what is used to preserve food.  Do you think they’d let “harmful pesticides” get into your food?  No.  There’s enforcement in place that keeps our food supply safe.  Going without pesticides simply means you’re willing to spend more for food that doesn’t have “chemicals’ because you have an inherent distrust of the chemical industry.  Thanks, by the way.

As for Green Living, I’m more than happy to live as efficiently as possible.  Recycle rainwater for garden watering– it’s a good idea.  Compact fluorescent light bulbs are an energy saver (although they may be more damaging to the environment when they are disposed of).  Hybrid cars save gas, but they save you no money, and they contain more materials that are environmentally damaging than normal cars.  Solar energy?  great idea!  Too bad it takes 20 years to offset the cost of panel installation.  What’s worse is shows like “Wasted” that make you feel guilty for using disposable diapers and ordering a pizza.

What does all of this do?  It funnels money into the Green industry.  Who’s promoting all this stuff?  The people who are heavily invested in the Green industry.  You may feel marginally better, but just remember that we’re in a slowing economy and you’re spending twice as much on bread.  With fuel costs where they are, don’t you want to save some money?

Here’s a clue– people have been eating butter and enriched flour since the 1940s, and the country hasn’t had an epidemic of people dying in their 40’s.  The key here is exercise.  We’re becoming a sedentary society.  Turn off the tv, grab the basketball, and shoot some hoops.  Run a bit.  Swim.  Walk.  Dance.  Keep moving, and burn off all those calories you’ve been eating.  And you’ll feel much better– better than you would if you shell out $5 for organic lettuce.


6 Responses to “Sick of “Greening” and “Organic Living””

  1. May 23, 2008 at 9:12 am

    I’ve been through a bit of history. Here’s some free advice: USE cloth diapers for a couple of months, anyway. After you’ve done that, KEEP THE DIAPERS (after getting them cleaned.)

    Best stuff on earth for polishing your car!

  2. 2 docattheautopsy
    May 23, 2008 at 10:05 am

    We did. I liked them, and they eventually saved money (especially through two kids). Nothing wrong with being efficient.

    I do object, however, to the notion that using disposable diapers will bring the end of life on earth, and we’re horrible people for using them. Which is the rhetoric I get from people who demand we go “green”.

  3. 3 Glenn
    May 23, 2008 at 12:57 pm

    Every full moon or so I get an email or phone call asking me why I haven’t invented some form of “free energy” yet. My stock answer is TANSTAAFL, There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. The first law of thermodynamics is never believed by those unwilling to learn or understand what it means. Just a few days ago an old army buddy asked me why we aren’t burning salt water
    catalyzed by RF energy to release hydrogen like John Kanzius has done in seeking a new method to desalinate seawater. You tell them that it takes more energy to get the hydrogen out of the brine than the energy you obtain by burning the hydrogen,
    then you’re just an untalented scientist, the other guy did it!

    The greenies keep violating the first law also; their products and/or methods use more energy than they save. Their compact fluorescent bulbs contain toxic materials and put out a fraction of the light that they claim. I tried one in my office, it was way too dim at a supposedly equivalent incandescent wattage.Like Richard Lindzen, I tried the energy saving bulbs to save money,
    not to make an environmental statement about my lifestyle.

    Hybrid automobiles are a farce. I love thinking of the cost that the warmie/greenie hybrid car driving liberal will get to pay for a new battery when the time inevidebly comes. If they break down in the sticks somewhere, no one will be able to fix their car either.

    The day I learn to make free energy, whether it’s gasoline from water, air, benevolent E.T.s or whatever, I will contact the Nobel committee to reserve my prize.

  4. 4 docattheautopsy
    May 23, 2008 at 1:09 pm

    “You tell them that it takes more energy to get the hydrogen out of the brine than the energy you obtain by burning the hydrogen,
    then you’re just an untalented scientist, the other guy did it!”

    Ha! I get the same questions. I always have a student ask about electrolysis of water to form hydrogen.

    I’ve got CFLB’s in around the house, and they give enough light to get by. As for savings? I’m not seeing much, especially now that the town has doubled sewer charges.

    I’ve seen a conversion of a hybrid to a vehicle that can go 40 miles without reverting to gas for power. Of course, you need to plug it in to charge it at night, and eventually you’ll have to swap out the batteries (at no small fee, either).

    And if you learn to make free energy, forget Nobel. Trade secret the sucker and make billions! That’s my plan, although it’s not really free, and it’s a polymer that’s photoactive.

  5. 5 jen
    June 7, 2008 at 6:12 pm

    I agree that I am so sick of hearing about “going green” or organic foods and how much healthier they are for you. Excuse me but, isn’t the age expectancy much higher now than in the 1800’s when they didn’t have such things as pesticides?……Sorry, but I’m not a bug eating lover.

    I believe this is just a phenomenon and that 20 years from now people will be wondering why they wasted all that money on “Organic”

  6. 6 Matt R
    June 9, 2008 at 10:52 am

    Heathier? Non pastureized means “it can kill you” if stored improperly, like your kid leaves it out. Why don’t they put THAT on a warning lable? Pasturization at the time of invention was considered a life saving miracle. It still is. I defy anyone, except a gormond, to say they can taste the difference.
    Non hydro oil has a shorter shelf life. How fast will you use that Costco sized drum of olive oil before it goes rancid? Yes. Rancid.

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