ABC News Says There’s Too Many Deer!

Here’s the link to a video story on Yahoo news.

Watch the whole thing.  It’s amazing how far they’ll go to get around the elephant in the room– increased restrictions on hunting and loss of habitat to predators have made America a paradise for deer.  Well, the parts of America where people are afraid to kill deer.  Bob Barker (and you all know how much I love Bob) is wrong here.  Kids won’t be catatonic, especially after their first taste of venison.

Hunting helps control populations, and it’s a great way to put food on the table.  Provided you can get over the fact you have to kill a cuddly little Bambi to do it.

Folks, if you need to hire a hunter to kill a deer, you’re a dork.  Just call the local chapter of the NRA and tell them you’ve got some deer on your property you need to shoot and eat.  I’m sure you’ll get 5 pick-ups of rifle-totin’ folk eager to help you out.


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