The Kid Can Thrash, Just Not in Bars

T-Man Latz, age 8, is a guitar prodigy.  And Wisconsin says he can’t play in bars or clubs.

I pondered this for far longer than I should have, and I finally think that Wisconsin is doing the right thing here.

Child Labor laws have been enacted to protect kids.  T-Man is an exception, but that shouldn’t break the rule.  In fact, it should enforce it.  If you’ve watched any VH-1, you know how smarmy managers can be, especially when you have gifted musicians who aren’t gifted with financial skills.  (And it’s not just musicians, right, Kareem?)  Children are easily exploited in “Rock and Roll” lifestyles.  Look at the Hollywood child or teen star.  Britney’s had her problems, Lohan, Todd Bridges, the Two Coreys, River Phoenix– it’s a highway littered with the career corpses of exploited children.

That’s why people were upset with Kid Nation.  We all knew the children were being exploited for television’s sake.

Although T-Man does have tremendous talent, he should be restricted from bars & clubs until he’s of proper age, or until there’s a change in child labor laws.  He can still play in other venues, including concerts & festivals.  But leave the kid out of the seedy underlife for a while, k?


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