The Opening Ceremony Perfect Analogy for China

So we’ve seen that the dazzling fireworks were really fakes.  The singer of the national anthem was lipsyncing, and now the children who wore the costumes representing 56 different ethnic areas of China turned out to all be Han Chinese— the ruling party’s ethnicity!

FAKING IT—AGAIN: First it was fake fireworks in the opening ceremony.

Next, a girl in the same ceremony who appeared to be singing the song “Ode to the Motherland” was discovered to be lip-syncing the voice of another girl who wasn’t deemed pretty enough to be on stage.

Of Friday, organizers acknowledged another bit of theater: children dressed in ethnic costumes in the opening ceremony weren’t part of those ethnic groups, but members of the Han Chinese majority.

This contradicted what was written in the media guide about the opening ceremony, which said “56 children from 56 Chinese ethnic groups” were performing in the ceremony.

As always, a nice facade of tolerance and diversity, but in reality, a rule by the few in power.

I think these Olympics were a great idea.  It’s been a showcase of the utterly corrupt Chinese government and their desperation not to seem like despots, all the while doing despot things.


1 Response to “The Opening Ceremony Perfect Analogy for China”

  1. 1 ts
    September 7, 2008 at 4:28 am

    such sour grapes and hypocrisy! you’re just pissed because the boycott flopped and nitpicking makes you feel better about your fake concern. China isn’t much different from the rest of the world where lip-syncing is common, and the ‘perfect’ look is emphasized in our image-conscious youth/celebrity culture. I’m holding my breath waiting for your harsh commentary about the fake botoxed face of Bob Costas, the fake orchestra at the Sydney Olympics and lip-syncing by Pavoratti at one of the previous Olympics.

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