Drilling not the only Democrat Problem

A while back I wrote of Pelosi pushing for “deincentivization” for oil companies. I said this would pass costs along to the consumer. Oil was at $50 a barrel then, now it’s $115. I won’t say it’s all due to removal of incentives, but you have to wonder if there’s a correlation. So, remove price breaks from oil companies, prevent them from increasing supply through drilling and refinery construction, and increase taxes on gasoline. In the meantime, Pelosi is in bed with Big Wind.

In the meantime, Obama, who hates Big Oil, has two Big Oil Lobbyists on his payroll as foreign policy advisers.

There’s no unified front here, more a gradual meander towards a policy that does nothing to reduce oil prices and instead gouge an overtaxed America.

Geez, I can’t understand why I abandoned the Democratic party. I mean, they have such upstanding citizens singing their praises. (I’ll let Jon explain.)

Obama, the candidate of Plus ca Change


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