Great Veeping Bidens!

That’ll be my new expression of absolute shock.  Feel free to borrow.

I’m not really surprised that Joe Biden was selected as VP candidate.  It simply confirms that Obama has been pulling the wool over the eyes of the devotees of the Democratic party for over a year now.

Obama’s central campaign theme has been “Change”.  People love it.  They believe he’s different from all the other politicians.  He hasn’t been in Washington long enough to be tainted by lobbyists, votes, and partisan politics.  Well, that’s what he wants you to believe.  His VP should reflect the “off the beltway” thinking, and his VP selection should reflect it.

And who do we get?  Joe Biden, a man serving his 6th term as a Senator.  He’s a rich, white lawyer from Deleware, who’s son is a lobbyist.  He’s been entrenched in politics, so much so that he’s the exact opposite of what you want if you’re a Change candidate– unless you never were an advocate of “Change”.

Biden’s selection was to shore up Obama’s deficiencies in experience, foreign policy, defense, economics– well, let’s just say he’s brought lots of experience to the table.  But it was an olive branch to Catholics who have fled his numbers.  Recent polls show that Biden’s selection has done very little to inflate Obama’s numbers.

Here’s the big mistake with Biden– Obama chose another Senator.  Obama has little experience, and Biden’s got plenty– but neither have executive experience.  Obama would’ve been better off tapping one of the Democratic governors around the country, and some of them are women.  He probably would have been best off with Hillary Clinton, but those two have degenerated into a hate/hate relationship that was unsalvagable, and she does bring along a duffle bag of embarassing moments.  Just look at the previous parts of the campaign.

In all, it’s best illuminated by my campaign poster for Obama:


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