A Return to Conservatism?

The GOP has refined the platform, streamlining it for public consumption.  It’s almost enough to make me believe the GOP is going about fixing itself!  I know!  (Thank you Craig Ferguson.)

So, as it turns out, the GOP is emphasizing the following:

The 112-member platform committee opened meetings with a draft document about half as long as the swollen 2004 platform, and party officials were determined to keep it relatively succinct despite the amendments to come.

“If we want the American people to read this, we’ve got to produce it in a length that they’re comfortable with,” said North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr, leading the meetings with California Rep. Kevin McCarthy. They said the platform is an opportunity to draw new members to the party.

In a hallway outside, the American Conservative Union passed out its “conservative agenda” wish list calling for harsher penalties for illegal immigrants, an end to pork-barrel spending and abolition of the alternative minimum income tax. The group urged drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; McCain opposes drilling there.

The platform draft urges constitutional bans on abortion and gay marriage, two steps McCain does not support.

It would put the party on record as accepting that economic activity contributes to global warming, in line with McCain’s views.

But the platform is loaded with caveats about the uncertainty of science and the need to “resist no-growth radicalism” in taking on climate change.

It warns that empowering Washington on the matter would have painful consequences, hardly a rousing endorsement of McCain’s ambitious plan for mandatory federal emission cuts in a cap and trade program.

Imagine that!  Now if they could actually get candidates that support and enact the platform.


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