All Things Palin

I’ve never seen a VP nomination go by that’s dominated the news cycle for so long.

Kerry selecting Edwards was pretty much ho-hum.  Bush selecting Cheney to lock-in Wyoming was a brilliant move.  Gore putting Lieberman on the ticket dominated Jewish newspapers, but that was about it.

But Sarah Palin is still the buzz, and it’s a good 5 days after her nomination.  It’s been a publicity coup for McCain, who’s successfully shifted the conversation from the Greatness of Obama to this mysterious outsider who’s garnered a VP nomination.

Not that it’s all good.  We’ve seen that Governor Plain’s 17-year-old daughter, Bristol Palin, is pregnant, something that the rabid left is eagerly attacking.  Also, it’s been exposed that Governor Palin’s husband had a DUI– 22 years ago!  (You big drunk!)

Probably the biggest concerns about Palin are “Commisionergate”, where she allegedly fired a commissioner for not sacking her sister’s ex-husband (for tasering their 11 year old and threatening to kill her parents) and her hiring of lobbyists to bring in earmarks for her town when she was mayor.

This brings to light one thing the Democrats love to do, and it always hurts them– character assassination.

You aren’t going to turn people against McCain/Palin because her daughter is having a baby with her fiance.  (Btw, careful snapping pictures of that guy– he’s an up-and-coming hockey star who can fire frozen blobs of rubber hundreds of feet with incredible accuracy).  It’s very hard to try and smear people, especially someone who’s a working mother of five children, one who’s special needs.  Her accomplishments to date are astounding, and the biggest story from this whole thing is that her daughter’s pregnant?  That’s not the only pregnancy story.  Sullivan went nuts over a story that Palin was covering for Bristol with the birth of her last child, Trig.  (I’m hoping she has another named Precalc, but that’s just me.)  News flash, Sully– don’t get your news from Daily Kos.  (BTW, Kos has “disappeared” those stories, and Mr. Sullivan has retracted his demands for an inquiry into Trig’s genetic code.)

I’m reminded of the fever CBS had over the “Air National Guard documents” aired by Dan Rather.  These particular documents were supposedly decades old, and painted the young Bush in a bad light.  Somehow Bush’s activities in the 70’s in military service were fair game, although they turned out to be lame forgeries.  There were also the attacks that Bush paid for an abortion of an old girlfriend, and Laura Bush killed someone while she was driving a car (which she did, although it was a complete accident.)

Now the press is digging into Palin’s past, and not only hers, but her relatives’ pasts as well, trying to find some dirt.

To this I must protest.  People should run for public office to present new ideas to the public to promote a better society.  However, the media is treating campaigns like Paparazzi do celebrities– trying to catch some illicit behavior, new or old, and plaster it over the front pages to embarrass an opponent.  Now a pregnant 17-year-old has been publicized to the world, all to try and embarrass her mother.  This has nothing pertinent to do with running government.  It’s a waste of time.  And it’s shameful conduct.

It’s this type of behavior by the Press that makes people reluctant to run for public office.  Can you imagine subjecting your wife, children, brothers & sisters to this scrutiny, all to try and score political points?

We’ve seen Michael Moore relish in the idea of another Katrina just to hurt Republicans.  We’ve also seen an ex-DNC official do the same.  We’ve seen liberal websites calling Palin a “Trollop’ and photoshopping her into a bikini.  Why?  Not for humor, but to degrade a candidate.

It’s become painfully clear that the only way the Democrats can win is if the Republicans look bad, because their platform no longer has any resonance with the voters.

(1st draft– links coming after I run errands)


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