Busy & Worn Out

The financial mess has pretty much worn me out.  I don’t like bailouts, but it’s hard to say this wasn’t absolutely necessary.  And it’s hard not to say that it was plainly obvious to people with 1/4 brain what caused this meltdown and how it could have been avoided.

Also, Obama’s up 6 in the latest Gallup poll.  If the press reported 1/4 on Obama what they did on Palin, he’d be down 14.  Hey, AP, just read my blog, OK?  Or how about Hot Air?

The Fourth Estate is amok with power.  The partisans are now controlling information at an enormous rate and shaping it to their will.  Ethics?  Gone.  Just ask Us Weekly.  Or Charlie “Bush Doctrine” Gibson (be sure to read the transcript of that whole interview).  I can’t wait to hear what Katie Couric has to say.

Anyway, it’s all got me down.  That and the Hadron Collider had a helium quench of a superconducting magnet.  That really sucks.  It’ll be down for at least 2 months.

And Tom Brady’s injury has nuked my fantasy football teams.

I’m just waiting for the next piece of bad news– a hockey strike?  Is the State going to dock our pay?

Ugh.  I’m going to bed.


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