TiVo Blogging the Debate

Eh, make of it what you will.  I’m exhausted after a long week.  But I’ve been watching this debate on the DVR.

What I’ve taken away:  Obama’s a better speaker in general than McCain.  McCain seems very nervous.  Poor guy’s had a long week.  Obama was more than willing to just rest up for the debate.

Anyway– on the economy– they’re both idiots, although Obama seemed like the winner on the economy because it’s a reiteration of class warfare.  Obama’s very lawyer here, saying much but saying very little as well.  McCain’s economic approach is better and more fiscal conservative.  But both support tax cuts.  And for Lehrer to insist that they express support for a bill that doesn’t exist yet is silly.  Although McCain has a better grasp on what’s going on, he certainly didn’t come across as being the more knowledgeable candidate.

Foreign policy belongs to McCain.  You listen to him and you hear the experience.  Obama is clearly out of his element, and McCain really hammered him.

As for Russia, McCain hits Obama.  He recognizes Putin as the leader of the Energy Bully.  Good for you, John.  McCain’s laying down the names!  Holy moly, he’s on the ball here.  If I can predict some spin– McCain’s stellar performance here on foreign policy is going to get turned around on Palin, as in “If McCain dies, his VP won’t be able to fill his shoes!”

Obama’s naive.  He turns a discussion on foreign policy to “Use less oil!”  (Inflate your tires!)  He doesn’t get what’s happening in Eurasia, and it’s clear by his switch to alternative energy.  He’s totally tangental here, rambling about climate change.

McCain bit on the switch.  Pity.  He could have smacked Obama there.

The 9/11 question.  Neither really hit the major problem.  Where has Al Queda hit?  Europe.  And why?  To isolate America.

Overall, it was a draw.  Obama won with the economic questions, McCain won with the foreign policy.  If I had to choose, I’d say McCain, simply because he beat Obama so soundly on foreign policy.


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