Debate Reaction


Seriously, it was a nice, substantive debate from two seasoned politicians.  Both talked a lot, but said very little.  And the Town Hall format was anything but, as the questions were screened and selected by Brokaw and his staff.

Effectively McCain and Obama restated what they said during the previous debate (it helped that all the questions were the same).  The big moments of the debate came early.

— McCain proposed a plan to use Federal money to right people upside down in mortgages.  (Man, I should have totally gotten a huge house to have the Feds bail me out.)  It was something new, and Obama had no counter to it (because he can’t think on his feet).  But it’s not the something new we want to do to fix this “crisis”.

— McCain finally hit Obama on his Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac money.  Obama had a lame reply (a lobbyist is on McCain’s campaign!).  And then McCain let it drop.  He should have hit Obama repeatedly on it.

— McCain says health care is a responsibility, Obama says it’s a right.  Hello, socialized medicine!

Other than that, nothing else new was covered.  Hopefully, Bob Scheiffer can liven things up next debate.


1 Response to “Debate Reaction”

  1. 1 Glenn
    October 9, 2008 at 7:23 pm

    Meanwhile you can enjoy this SNL spoof video that the PTB decided to ban from their own NBC
    website. George Soros has way too much power, and the Democrats have way too much money this cycle. A friend in Chicago tells me that Obama has his own satellite channel, #73. Outrageous.

    Anyway, here’s a link to a funny video that is funny but has truths also. No wonder the demorats hate it:


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