Attacks, good and bad

With the debate coming up tonight, people are arguing on how McCain should make the biggest impact.

Some say he should attack Obama on Ayers & Wright and other questionable associations. While this is a valid attack, it plays towards minimum impact. By bringing these folks up, McCain is injecting obscurity into the race, and it’s not going play to a large crowd of Americans who are largely apathetic towards these associations.

McCain should instead concentrate on what hurts liberals the most in elections– their socialistic tendencies. He should also hit Obama on his lack of leadership in the economic crisis. He should also highlight the “sweeteners” added to the $700 Billion bailout package, and highlight any sweeteners Obama received. He should also express anger– true, emotional anger– at the bailout and how it was handled by “money grubbing Washington”. He can resonate with voters here.

He should also viciously attack Obama on taxes and bring up the plumber in Ohio who let Obama talk about “redistributing the wealth”. Connect it to Obama’s contention that health care is a ‘right”, and how his tax program is really a giveaway to people who don’t pay taxes anyway.

He should also try and steer the debate towards social issues, such as abortion, and highlight Obama’s dismal record on abortion, including his assertion that girls are “punished” with a baby.

Finally, McCain needs to connect Obama with ACORN (Obama’s community organizin’ days included ACORN) and how ACORN was encouraging early voting for Obama. He can be especially damaging with this attack, if he does it right. Start by laying the groundwork of ACORN’s nationwide voter fraud, and how they’ve been organizing for Obama. This will force Obama to denounce ACORN and distance himself from it, at which point McCain can then hit Obama as a typical politician, especially as Obama’s been at ACORN events and actually worked for ACORN. He needs to drive home this connection with ACORN, making a final connection point to Obama and old style Chicago politics.

McCain can’t be passive. He seemed passive the last two debates, and he’s meandering into a loss. Obama gets away with a lot, and this is the only forum where he can honestly bring these things up and make the press talk about them. You can’t win a war by being nice to the enemy. You can be honorable without being nice. Someone needs to remind McCain that there’s nothing greater in honor than defending those who can’t be defended. Well, guess what Senator– you’re defending millions of people from the nutty ideas of Barack & Michelle Obama.

If he doesn’t do this, he’s going to lose. And then we all get President Obama. With a Democratic congress.

More analysis at Hot Air.


1 Response to “Attacks, good and bad”

  1. 1 Matt R.
    October 15, 2008 at 5:50 pm

    it gets better. According to NPR, Obama’s Campaign donated $800,000 to ACORN. (I wonder what for?) ACORN really needed the money too, because their previous President, with halp embezzaled 1 million dollars of this “grass roots” organization.

    One million dollars! What real charity has that kind of slush lying around?

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