Joe the Pariah

Formerly known as Joe the Plumber. He dared expose Obama as a redistributionalist. And that couldn’t be done, the the media started vetting this “ordinary Joe”. In the meantime, a city that normally would overlook a plumber without a license suddenly pulled his records and effectively put him out of work. A reporter asked him about his association with the Natural Law party. And Politico discovered he’s got a lien on his property for unpaid taxes. (I’ve been debating linking these sources, but decided ultimately to do it, because you need to see and hear for yourself how the media has conducted itself.)

One man exposes and embarrasses Barack “The One” Obama, and the media hounds immediately seek out a way to destroy him.

Who’s Joe? He’s a man providing for his family. He’s not a politician. He’s worried about taxes. He’s ambitious. He wants to build a successful plumbing business. And he asked Barack Obama a question. A question that was caught on tape.

And that was the beginning of his troubles. The media sharks have attacked and ripped the flesh from his bones. Why? Because he asked a question.

This is absolutely disgusting. Rather than ask Obama about wanting to redistribute wealth, the media has dug up dirty on an ordinary citizen who asked an ordinary question. And he caught Obama off-guard.

If you ever doubted the Mainstream Media was in the tank for Obama, this should erase your doubts. The media is out of control. They attacked an ordinary citizen because he objected to their hero! It seems the pols in D.C. aren’t the only ones drunk on power.

(As it turns out, Obama’s Campaign Treasurer has liens, too. But hey, he didn’t ask Obama a question and get an embarrassing answer– at least not on tape.)

Now Joe the Plumber is Joe the Pariah. If he’s a Pariah, then so am I. Joe, I’m with you.


23 Responses to “Joe the Pariah”

  1. October 17, 2008 at 10:50 am

    The Toledo Better Business Bureau says Joe the Plumber’s company stinks!

    See http://notionscapital.wordpress.com/2008/10/17/joes-plumbing-company-stinks/

  2. 2 docattheautopsy
    October 17, 2008 at 11:05 am

    Typical liberal garbage. The politics of personal destruction. And he just spammed my blog and didn’t even address my premise. All hail Obama, say the Obamabots!

  3. 3 mugshot
    October 17, 2008 at 12:27 pm

    Sorry, but it wasn’t Obama that thrust this man into the spotlight…he simply answered his question. It was John McCain that made an issue of “Joe the Plumber”. Sure the media wanted to know who this guy is. Joe has the problems he has now, first because he misrepresented himself (not just asked a question), secondly because he didn’t feel he had to follow the rules or was too ignorant to find out what they were, and thirdly because John McCain was looking for a new weapon.

  4. 4 docattheautopsy
    October 17, 2008 at 12:55 pm

    “he simply answered his question”

    Right, with a response that said ‘redistribute the wealth’. McCain put it out there because Obama’s response was pure, unadulterated socialism. Obama came to this guy’s neighborhood for a PR opportunity, and picked out a normal “joe” to respond to a question, all in front of the cameras. Obama made the blunder, to a question asked by someone we all know. And now, instead of defending Obama, tools like you go out and try to wreck the guy who asked the question.

    I thought Obama was all about “building up” and “looking out for the little guy”, not sick the wolves on the little guys who get Obama to reveal his anti-capitalist views.

  5. 5 Danielle Castleberry
    October 17, 2008 at 12:57 pm

    Joe the plumber is being villified because he held himself out as a man in the process of buying a lucrative plumbing business, concerned about how much he was going to be taxed. To the observer it appears as though that wasnt the case, but rather, he was attempting to make the candidate look bad on an issue by fabricating a fact scenario. He earned $40,000 in his last filings. So why not ask Obama how his current($40K) earnings will be affected by Obama’s tax plan? Why, because he would not get a republican slanted response…instead he wanted to make Obama look bad. The irony is, even if he did buy that plumbing business and earn “between 250K and 270K” only 20K would be taxed at the higher rate (%3 higher) so were talking about $400-$600 more in taxes…so were supposed to believe that Joe is concerned about $600 if he earns that much. No, Sam the unlicensed plumbers helper was not simply asking a question…that is why everyone jumped all over him. Not paying taxes is not, in and of itself, a big deal…unless you hold yourself out as this honest Joe that is concerned about your tax burden.
    Here is one, instead of worrying about a mythical business that he possibly will never own, why not pay the taxes you actually do owe?

    [Doc– How about you worry that someone who posed a hypothetical (a man pursuing the American dream, something Obama “supports) to a political campaign becomes villified by a Presidential campaign and the media services that are carrying his water? Obama answered– repeat, OBAMA ANSWERED— that he wanted to spread the wealth around, and it hurt him. it hurt him badly. Now you loyal Obamites are out here, on barely-on-the-radar blogs like mine, praising the full-rectal exam the media has given Joe the Plumber. Reverse the tables for a second. Suppose someone asked a tough question of McCain, then the media investigated them, found tax liens, odd party registration, embarassing pictures on flickr, then splashed them in the A section of a newspaper? There would be outcry that someone– a regular, non-affiliated person– was being treated this way. Unless that person is a anti-Obama, in which case, it’s perfectly OK.

    Your partisanship blinds you to the real issues here. ACORN is out there, breaking the law and committing voter and voter registration fraud, and all you can do is talk about how this guy has been plumbing without a license? Stay classy.]

  6. 6 Asaph
    October 17, 2008 at 1:07 pm

    Wonder why the media is not as interested in the finding out why Barack Hussien Obama does not have a real Birth Certificate?

    [Doc– BHO does have a real B.C. He’s a citizen. But a Marxist.]

  7. 7 Marc
    October 17, 2008 at 1:09 pm

    Joe the Plumber lied — a perfect John McCain supporter.

  8. 8 joop breeschoten
    October 17, 2008 at 1:52 pm

    “joe the plumber” ought to be beheaded

    [Doc– A guy asks a question of BHO and you want his head. Stay classy!]

  9. 9 joop breeschoten
    October 17, 2008 at 1:58 pm

    There is no “joe the plumber” There is a guy named Sam Wurzelbacher a Mccain opperative,
    who makes less than $ 50000 He cannot afford to buy the plumbing company Under a Mccain presidency he whould pay more in income tax than under Obama Thamk god for him Obama will be the next President of the USA

  10. October 17, 2008 at 2:10 pm

    I wholeheartedly agree with mugshot and marc, i guess the only candidate that could do no harm, will destroy all of you ignorant and racist a–h—–!! Yeah vote for McNasty and whoever the lady is, Palin, or is she just pale in comparison to Biden’s credentials…All they keep rehashing is the same ole crap that Carl Rove fed W. the Bushwacker, and his Wicked crew.. we will see in November how the majority of Americans will vote for those two losers, those two and all their supporters stick to the same character assinations ale Carl Rove, this time it will not work, you are not dealing with Gore who got robbed with the chads. This thing with Acorn and the other crap, sounds like a Carl Rove rewrite, of the same eight years, of failure, doom and gloom that has sunk us into a black abyss. I add Black for all you racists out there, all of you, easily bought into McNasty, as he was known in his naval days by his own peers, he’s just like Bush, a Father issue deeply disturbs him and McNasty, since he couldn’t be like his dad and his granddad which where very honorable men who served their country honorably. For all voters, and not just republicans, but every party involved in these elections, should pick up McCain’s book, in his own words, it will make your skin crawl, all he has ever done was for his own agenda and glory…Even President Reagan and Nancy shook him loose after they found out that McNasty already had a marriage license before he even got divorced from his first wife he’s a pariah to the party… Now he is married to A Recovering Drug Addict, just like Rush Limp—-!!They all talk about others and point the finger, while the rest of the fingers are pointing right back at them…Enough of Carl Rove crap,,,we will see history being made…I pay my taxes, i believe in GOD, and I’M WHITE so get over that you KKK”s out there. I would love to see your faces come NOV.4…Go Obama,,, we are waiting for you..McNasty and Palin see you down the road where you belong, besides you have all that wealth, why don’t you share that with all us who are losing everything, oh bye the way, you can help poor Joe the plumber and Joe Sixpack to some of that money you have stashed away, for after the elections…Later, and GOD BLESS AMERICA, and i do approve of this Message…LOL LOL

    [Doc– I charge $250/hour for therapy. But boy, doesn’t it make you feel better to get all that off your chest?]

  11. 11 stan wojciechowski
    October 17, 2008 at 2:23 pm

    I don’t know of a community in the USA which does not require a license to practice in the construction business. In most states the failure to obtain a license is a fraudelent event and subjects the person to fiscal penalty. In addition, it facilitates his ability to cheat on his tax return by not reporting all revenues. McCain’s JOE THE PLUMBER is a disrespectful and unlawful citizen of the USA. Another poor judgment by McCAIN. How many poor judgments can one man make–oh Sarah, oh Sarah ?

    [Doc– Yep. Attack “Joe the Plumber” for daring to speak ill to the Obamamessiah. We should take away his rights, too! Because that’s what you’re doing. You’re retaliating against someone for doing something unpopular. “Joe the Plumber” asked a question. Obama answered it. Obama got himself in hot water through the answer. And now you take glee that the MSM cost this man his livelihood for ASKING OBAMA A QUESTION? A typical liberal– all about rights, unless they infringe on your belief system.]

  12. 12 Matt R.
    October 17, 2008 at 7:33 pm

    Focus people. Joe isn’t running for president. Who cares what this bloke thinks? It’s the guy running for president, who said he what’s to spread around YOUR, not “the” or “his” wealth that is the real issue here. Do NOT be distracted.

    You think Obama is going to spread his millions around?

    Its a classic ad hominem attack.

    BTW, ACORN is a page out of the Daly playbook. Back a charity IF it gets out the vote with campaign funds. Classic Chicago. Guess he’s not such an advocate for change in some things.

  13. October 17, 2008 at 7:41 pm

    He DIDNT have a livelihood!!!!!!!!!!
    He borrowed credentials that he wasnt worthy of!
    Do you know what happens when “plumbers” acidentally hook up drinking water to sewer water?????????????? THATS WHY THEY’RE LICENSED!
    I find it hard to believe that “Joe” was going to turn the 100k business into a 250k business unless he inteneded to use all UNLICENSED PLUMBERS!
    It takes a certain amount of smarts to grow a business. Now Im not saying “Joe” doesn’t have em and Im not saying “Joe” does, but the fact remains that “Joe” couldnt pass the test.

    [Doc– Again, the deflection from Obama to Joe. You’re missing the point, Tim. A Presidential candidate and his lackeys are destroying an ordinary citizen. In fact, they’re going out of their way to destroy an ordinary citizen. Joe’s credentials are irrelevant. The reaction of the water-carrying media is the real story, and the lack of reaction from Obama is awfully telling. This guy was injected into national politics by asking Obama a question when Obama wandered into his neighborhood, camera crew in tow. He asked a tough question, and got an answer that could cost Obama the Presidency. That’s why trolls like you are out in force, attempting to deflect the conversation to “What’s Wrong With Joe” rather than “Why Is Obama a Socialist”?]

  14. October 17, 2008 at 8:45 pm

    Doc some of your stuff is amasing…….except…… you havent mentioned the 700bill WEALTH RE-DISTRUBUTION as problematic to you.
    Why is that?
    Do you find it “free market” when the very same people that have been tossed from their homes will contribute to this Rich Folks BAILOUT (not rescue).

    Where were all those strong, conservative, free market types when the congress enacted Socialism as a solution to the problems of the wealthy??????………oh yea, they were for it!!!!!!!!Damn!!!!
    Now, how much was it going to cost to “fix” Social Security?

    Your going to bat for people that make 250k. I respect that!
    I looked under the heading of Socialism on this blog and could not find one referance to the 700bill socialism package. Why is that Doc?
    This staunchly conservative president along w/ his ditto-head buddies, just signed into law the largest welfare contribution EVER enacted.
    This will keep wealthy people IN THEIR HOMES.
    This is the single largest tax increase, excluding the Iraq war, ever enacted.
    What your talking about under Obama is peanuts, better yet, peanut shells.
    If its principle you stand on,you should HATE all tax increases and forms of wealth re-distribution even the ones they slick package.

    [Doc– See my post “The Art of Bribery”.]

  15. 15 Bo
    October 17, 2008 at 10:50 pm

    Did it ever occur to any of you numb nuts that Joe was/is working under the owner of his company’s license? Oh I’m sorry,I’m letting the facts get in the way again.

  16. 16 Bo
    October 17, 2008 at 11:03 pm

    Man i really feel relieved knowing that since “ol Joe has been found out to be a fraud what the Messiah said about redistributing wealth doesn’t count. Whew! Had me scared there for awhile.

  17. 17 Cubby
    October 18, 2008 at 12:29 pm

    How many people here watched the entire 6 minute exchange between “Joe The Plumber”and Obama?

    [Doc- The entire conversation is here at youtube. Nothing’s really different, other than a longer explanation by Obama of the reasoning behind taxing a successful small business more to try and generate more, less successful small businesses. He’s still punishing success.

    Regardless, Obama did say he wanted to “spread the wealth around” (aka, Socialism), and he and his lackeys are still working on destroying an ordinary citizen.]

  18. 18 Cubby
    October 18, 2008 at 2:13 pm

    Obama said that by lowering taxes on the middle class, “the waitress” will have more money to hire Jose The Plumber. Joe The Plumber will then get more work, making more money. Spreading the wealth. This does not imply taking someone’s millions and giving it to Joe The Plumber.

    [Doc– The post has to do with the immediate assault on Joe the Plumber by the Media for having this conversation with Obama. Obama’s tax policies, a self-described “spreadin’ it around” policy (his words, not mine), are the hallmark of socialism.

    Bear in mind that Obama’s “tax cut” will affect those who currently do not pay taxes. Effectively, the money gets taken from those with money and given to those without money. This is not a new idea (see Earned Income Credit), but it is the essence of socialism.

    Additionally, “the waitress” will have to hire Joe the Plumber, regardless, so Joe doesn’t get more work (and considering that “the waitress” probably rents, she won’t be paying him anyway). What Obama is advocating is taking the money from those who are successful and giving it to those who do not have money to hire “Joe the Plumber”. For me, as I don’t get EIC, I have to pay taxes AND find a way to pay for the plugged toilet. How do I pay the plumber? By budgeting for it.

    Bear in mind this does imply taking millions away from Person X to pay the plumber. If he’s not going to raise money on 95% of “working families”, then he’s raising taxes on the single folks and the “rich”, who now have to pay a greater share of income (which comes out to millions) so Obama can ‘spread it around a bit’. That’s socialism, plain & simple.]

  19. 19 Matt R.
    October 18, 2008 at 2:52 pm

    “Spread the Wealth” was the phrase used when the Senate tried to raise Federal Estate Taxes. That’s right. The plan was that they’d take your families money and give it to people that considered more deserving than you. Is that arrogant or what?
    And for a reality check you KNOW they’d give to their political cronies.

  20. October 18, 2008 at 6:58 pm

    “And for a reality check you KNOW they’d give to their political cronies.”

    They already have……..its called “The Rescue Plan”….which translated is BAILOUT.
    The biggest attempt at socialism ever suggested………..and it happened on the watch of a conservative……or whatever he calls himself these days.

  21. 21 Amerikagulag
    October 19, 2008 at 1:46 am

    It wasn’t a bailout or a rescue. It was a bank robbery in broad daylight, only it was the guards that willingly opened the vault. The financial elite said, “we want the money or we’re going to collapse your economy, and we want it before November”. Congress obediently obeyed. Both parties in perfect “Bi-Partisan” harmony gave away everything. And guess what? It’s not enough, and it won’t work and they’ll want MORE. Paulson said verbatim, “there’s no point of data on the 700 billion – we just needed a real big number”. There you have it.

    Come January, the Pentagon will come out with emergency budget increase of 400 billion. They will do it intentionally to get the next man in the Oval office to demonstrate which side he is on. There is no point of data on THAT number either. We’re simply witnessing the destruction of the Dollar in order to inaugurate the Amero currency closely followed by the North American Union.
    Silly people, arguing about left and right. There is only one party in the nation. It’s not red or blue. It’s Purple. It has 2 faces and it’s called the Republicrat party.

    It’s the end of this nation folks and you’re still trapped in the 1960’s.
    You’re arguing about a cheap planted stunt in a political rally, when your rights to privacy have been eliminated, your right to Habeas Corpus has been eliminated, you can be imprisoned indefinitely without charge, you can be tortured.

    The coup has already taken place. Well advised to watch and learn.

  22. October 20, 2008 at 6:34 pm

    Well I’ve checked back for three days now and not one of you Limbauts has responded regarding the 700 BILLION dollar SOCIALISM, WELFARE, GIVEAWAY, FREEBEE?

    Why is that????????????

    The “conservative” movement has stayed amasingly silent also on how its welfare to give up money to New Orleans after a natural disaster but its an “investment” to give up 3 BILLION DOLLARS A WEEK to Iraq. THREE BILLION A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Remember on payday, you got a check for whatever and Iraq got a check for THREE BILLION) Now whos getting hosed????????

    At least the money to New Orleans would have come back into the economy. The stuff that went to Iraq is up the stack.

    Your boy there in Washington has officially made a new catagory in the “Worst Presidents ever PERIOD” book.

    Finally, could one of you enlighten me as to why when were spending BILLIONS of dollars to “keep us safe” from terrorism, the president thinks its NOT a good idea to build a wall on the southern border? (translated: lock the back door)Are terrorists more stupid than mexicans w/ maybe a 8th grade education?

    The really funny thing about this whole presidency is that Bushy Boy WAS supposed to be a conservative. John McCain was supposed to be “The Pariah”.
    Oh come on, all you Limbauts, you remember. Remember the last eight years old Rusty Limbaugh RIPPING McCain????????……..McCain-Feingold……..you remember.
    Remember after 2005 when old Rusty said he wouldnt “carry anyones water”…….come on…….he opened the show with that! But still he carrys this mans water and more recently, McCains.

    Now I know you dont like Clinton but remember when he went into Kosovo and …..well all the other places he went in to and old Rusty said…”he’s nation building!!!!!!!!!” “Democrats dont know what the Military is for” “its not for nation building, its for killing people and destroying things”
    …….and where do we find ourselves today……….NATION BUILDING….but somehow, its ok to the tune of THREE BILLION DOLLARS A WEEK.

    Think about it, what would Limbaugh have been saying if a Democrat were spending this kind of money on nation building, in a country that we had NO CAUSE TO INVADE, that posed NO THREAT, and that we participated in the execution of that countrys leader????????? Can you say IMPEACHMENT????????

    Old Rusty is a fiscal conservative, although youd have a hard time making that case today, he referances God only as advertising ploys, ie “talent on loan”.
    He could have been and should have been leading the charge regarding immigration but he had to wait till the winds were blowing hard to get in to that and after all, his boy Georgie, was not in favor of it.
    These people are corporatists, and YOU dont fit into their scheme……..except at election time.

    Joe the plumber got what he played for, had McCain not brought it up, I doubt he’d be where he is today. As for his character, public records are public domain. If youve got skeletons, might want to keep a low profile….just a suggestion.
    Youre arguing over tax increases that dont even effect you. I wonder if Bill Gates loses sleep when your mortgage is due, or your layed-off……..yea he probably does.
    Cindy McCain is wearing clothes, for an evening, that cost six time my annual salary……….and you want me to believe her husband, that he knows how I feel???? Why, cause she explains it to him??? I doubt he knows what his heating bill is and Im SURE he doesnt care what mine is.

    [Doc– Tim, here’s a valium. And evidently you missed where I said at the end of your first post, check my post called “The Art of Bribery”.

    As for tax increases that don’t affect me, you’re wrong. Tax increases on the businesses that earn over $250K a year affects me because it affects the performance of that company. It affects the expansion of that company. It affects job growth, job creation, and it affects the number of people who can get company-sponsored health care.

    You need to see the big picture. And you need to calm down.]

    Good luck w/ your conservatisim. Even William F Buckleys son isnt drinking the Kool-Aid anymore.

  23. October 20, 2008 at 9:13 pm

    Im as cool as ice. You should see me when I get going!

    I read your post/article “The art of bribery”. I thought it missed the point.
    Your contention that this bribery is a way to get the votes of the populace missed more than the point and as a conservative I was stunned that you never once made a singel comparision to SOCIALISM……cause THATS WHAT IT IS.

    Gingrich talks a great conservative game but you just let UAL or GM start trembling and hes all over the socialist solution. Same for Pat Bucannon…and these were guys I had admired.

    While your assumption that expansion,growth,creation,and “company sponsored health ins, will be negativly affected by a 3% increase, I’ll grant you that but when weighed against the MASSIVE losses of the last eight years, in all of those catagories, I find your argument, nearly fallacial.

    Furthermore, when you weigh the massive inflation (disregarding the core index of GHW BUSH)of the last two decades against true cost of living, you find simply that the middle class is being eliminated.

    Since the 1960s, housing costs are 10 fold. Auto costs are 10 fold. Fuel costs are………..well we wont go there. Salaries have less than quadrulped.
    Two heads of the houshold are working and still we bareley make what our parents made in terms or REAL VALUE.
    So the “lending” institutions come along w/ borrow against your house scheme, till we pull the rug out from under you. Doc, like it or not thats inflation…..just like the stock and bond market of the 90s. Phoney money designed to make people “think” they were someone they were not…….and just before it all comes crashing down, congress rams thru legislation to shackle people w/ the phoney money debt, THEN asks for a bailout.

    It almost funny (if it werent sad) that some people will be shackled w/ debt from the housing collaspe and forced to pay it back, meanwhile WE THE PEOPLE will issue another check against the same debt from this side.

    I get it that you cant stand having your heros called socialists but like it or not, that what you have. Ill drop the subject as I see what kind of strife it causes you to face numbers so mind boggling. (actually its now at about 850 BILLION)

    Good luck w/ your conservatisim. Ring me up when you find one!

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