The Dirtiest Campaign Ever!

McCain’s been running many negative ads, and Obama’s whining about it.  Just look at the last debate when Obama said that McCain’s been running 100% negative ads.  Having seen a few positive McCain ads, I had to wonder what the hell Obama was talking about.

But then I began to think– is McCain really that negative?  What would make him attack that much?

Well, the media for one.  Obama gets a pass on everything he does.  Seriously.  He could go set a cat on fire, and the media will ignore it.  The NYT opened the book on Cindy McCain’s drug use, but they haven’t bothered finding out about Obama’s drug use in the past.

There’s an article by Orson Scott Card effectively calling out the media on their serious Obama bias.  It’s must reading.

You can’t fault McCain for “attacking” Obama.  He’s the only one who’s treating Obama with a critical eye.


2 Responses to “The Dirtiest Campaign Ever!”

  1. 1 John A. Davison
    October 26, 2008 at 2:32 pm

    Barack Hussein Obama is an extremely dangerous man who, if elected, will destroy the United States as a world power, plunge us into an economic Depression, radicalize our educational system and eliminate the free enterprise system that has made this country great. As Joe the Plumber managed to evoke, Obama is a declared socialist. Just as his mentor Bill Ayers still radicalizes and subverts our most cherished institutions in Chicago, Obama will do the same on a grand scale. The idea that this man will be President of this great country should strike terror in the hearts of every thinking American. If there ever was a time for a massive Conservative turn out it is now. Both houses of Congress, the Executive and an ultral-liberal Supreme Court will all be assured with an Obama victory and with it the end of the United States as a force for good on the world stage. We have already surpassed the two centuries which have characterized most great civilzations in the past so it will not surprise me to see what Martin Rees predicted with the title of his revealing book – “Our Final Century.”

    Homo sapiens, the youngest and last mammal species on the face of the earth, may very well prove to be the one with the shortest life span. We have destroyed our physical environment and lost our moral fiber all due to the affluence we have gained from the last great Age – the Age of Technology. We have lost our compass and been conned by the forces of evil. From now on it is all downhill. It is sad.

    Unfortunately that terminus seems to be exactly what will be assured on November 2 if Obama becomes President.


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