Your Coffee Pot Contributes to Global Warming!

Just ask Lori Bongiorno at Yahoo.

In all fairness, I support these energy saving techniques.  Anything in your home that has a clock is constantly drawing power to run that clock.  The microwave, the VCR, the DVD player, the coffee pot, the toaster– if it’s got a working display, it’s actually telling you you’re using energy.

How about you buy a watch?  It’s battery powered and you don’t have to run into the kitchen to find out what time it is.

Same goes for anything rechargeable, from cordless drills to handivacs.  Your laptop is a big energy thief, too.  I’d recommend running battery power all the time, but the batteries die pretty fast.  So here’s an idea– if you’ve got the laptop plugged in, remove the battery (so long as it’s fully charged).  When done, shut it down and plug the battery back in, and unplug it.

TV’s are energy hogs, too.  Check to see if the TV you’re using has a “full power down mode”.  Mine does.  Alternatively, you can fully power down with a power strip.  There’s no reason to keep the internal clock on your 60″ Plasma adjusted properly all the time.

The impact on global warming by these appliances is negligible (and it looks like we may even be entering a cooling cycle).  But they account for 5-10% of a normal house’s power usage.


2 Responses to “Your Coffee Pot Contributes to Global Warming!”

  1. 1 Glenn
    October 21, 2008 at 8:34 pm

    Many of my fellow scientists across the country used to lecture me about how the end is near and that I should believe in the theory of anthropogenic global warming. On the other hand, like me, none of my Oklahoma colleagues believed in AGW. I hasten to add that we do not work in the energy industry. We do accept the science that increased CO2 in the atmosphere can increase the temperature of the climate to a small degree, but think that many other factors(like the Sun) are much more likely to be responsible for the tiny average planetary temperature increase of one degree F. over 150 years. For that matter, I have always held that this small amount is within the normal expected range of variation and is statistically irrelevant. It has always amused me how the warmers showed us the grossly small calibrated temperature range on their increased atmospheric CO2 “growth” charts and tried to prove a cause and effect relationship.

    Now that there’s global cooling, no one wants to talk about AGW anymore. There seems to be a deafening silence from the warmer camp of late. I predict that in 20 years you’ll be hard pressed to find a scientist who will admit that they were followers of HRH Al Gore and his band of lunatics. Fortunately, we have publications to torment them with when the time comes.

  2. February 5, 2009 at 8:09 pm

    Regarding Cordless Drills and dead batteries.
    Cordless drills hit their stride when manufacturers introduced the lithium-ion battery several years ago. These batteries combine huge energy density with light weight. (It’s no wonder they’re slowly replacing nickel-cadmium batteries.) Tool companies launched their lithium-ion revolution with big 28- and 36-volt models—tools that had great power but were also unwieldy. Now, virtually all manufacturers have added much nimbler 18-volt models. That kind of shift is PM’s signal to get to work, testing to see how well these drills meet a homeowner’s real-world needs.

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