The Loyal Footsoldiers and the Untouchable Leaders

Obama’s been avoiding press interviews for over a month now, and Biden was acting the same way until recently.  He happened to stumble into Barbara West of WFTV in Florida, when she started asking him some tough questions:

Fabulous!  Of course, Biden was steamed, and he immediately banned WFTV from any further interviews.

Well, looks like CBS 3 in Philly threw out some questions, even some about Biden’s family connections and the money he sent their way.  I love the $150,000 question about his son at the law firm.  “Hey, that law firm has been around since 1972!”  He doesn’t say he wasn’t throwing kickbacks to his son.  (Of course, the only version of the video is the chopped up one– he could address it later in the video.)  CBS 3 was “embarrassed” that their anchors questions The Vice One, and pulled the video (probably to stop the swarming of emails from outraged Loyal Footsoldiers.

In the meantime, the Loyal Footsoldiers at the Daily KOS are already digging up dirt on Barbara West, claiming she’s a Republican!  SCANDAL!  (Bear in mind, 98% of news anchors are flaming liberals who vote and donate to Obama, but hey, that’s NORMAL.)  This West woman needs to be thoroughly investigated for daring to question the Vice One.

Bear in mind, anyone who speaks up is now a target to intense scrutiny.  Political loyalists to The One even used government information to try and humiliate Joe the Plumber.  Of course, it’s not the campaign that’s directly involved in this, but the pattern is clear– destroy the opponent, regardless if they’re a professional politician or an Ordinary Joe.

Is this the guy we want in the White House, with a Loyal Footsoldier-controlled Senate & House?


2 Responses to “The Loyal Footsoldiers and the Untouchable Leaders”

  1. 1 sfokc6125
    October 28, 2008 at 7:21 am

    Go watch see for yourself .

    I pledge No allegiance to Obama

    And corrupt welfare state for which he stands.

    And to Socialist democrats who want to rule .

    Will leave no Nation under their thumb.

    No liberty , No justice for all.

    Reformed democrat that means I voted for McCain.

    Tell the people . On Wednesday Turn off Obamas 30 Min sideshow and take the time to think before they vote.

    Talk about the issues with their family and friends.

    Don’t be sheep. Decide for yourself . But most of all This Great Nation.

  2. 2 John A. Davison
    October 28, 2008 at 5:04 pm

    Barack Hussein Obama without question is by far the most radical candidate for the Presidency in the history of the Republic. It will be a great tragedy if this revolutionary is elected. He is an enemy of Israel, he has no respect for human life and, like his mentors Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn he hates the United States of America and everything it represents. If he is elected, all three branches of government will be profoundly and possibly irreversibly damaged. The forces of evil everywhere in the world are secretly pulling for him and probably funding his candidacy. The man is the perfect Anti-Christ. If he is elected, I fear that he will be assassinated. Accordingly, I recommend saving HIS life by voting for McCain Palin as YOUR life may depend on it. If we can defeat him now he will be unable to defend his Senate seat when that time comes. By then the real Barack Hussein Obama will have been revealed in all its sordid details, details that the left wing press has zealously kept secret.


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