Killjoys Kill with Guilt

So this guy at Men’s Health has a list of the world’s worst appetizers from restaurants.

Fantastic.  Now I know who to blame for torpedoing the Awesome Blossom at Chilis.  A-hole!

What I find most distasteful is the level of ignorance he places on the reader.  Look at what he’s describing:

Chili Fries

Grand Fajita Nachos

Friday’s Jack Daniels Sampler


So this guy is out trying to get restaurants to ditch all this food because it’s unhealthy.  No kidding?  Am I going to go order 1 pound of fried food because I’m on a health kick? Of course not.  Not to mention, if I sit down and eat the whole plate myself, that’s my meal.  But I don’t.  I share the plate.  That’s why it’s an appetizer, doofus!  You split an appetizer (notice the word appetizer does not mean meal) between 6 people, it’s 200-300 calories each.  But this moron wants it banned because he’s under the assumption you’re eating it yourself.

And, to make matters worse, we go to these restaurants exactly for this comfort food.  So your cardiologist won’t eat it?  Fine.  You can go graze the salad bar with him.  Me?  I’m going out, maybe once a month, to enjoy some fried food with friends.  Will that send me into a cardiac tailspin?  Only if I do this on a regular basis, and quite frankly, the prices at these places preclude me from doing that.

To be fair, this schmuck does address this, but only at the end of the article (kind of like what I’m doing here).  I don’t go out to eat to eat helthy– I go out to eat to socialize and enjoy my one night out.  Evidently, this guy doesn’t understand you can cook healthy meals at home and then enjoy an indulgence outside.  Instead, he pats himself on the back for getting something he never eats tossed off a menu.

Thanks, Dave.  How about I go tear up your favorite jogging track?  I mean, I’m not using it, but it really would work better as a homeless shelter…


1 Response to “Killjoys Kill with Guilt”

  1. 1 Glenn
    October 29, 2008 at 5:06 pm

    My theory is that if you extract all of the lipids in those foods with copious quantities of C2H5OH, your body will never absorb it. The Krebs cycle, cis and trans isomerization and glycolysis will be utilized to make much acetaldehyde and a variety of other products. (and perhaps affect one’s van der waals forces and optical activity as well?)

    Seriously, we all deserve a break to enjoy some good company and confort food now and then. Once a month is certainly not overdoing it in this old man’s opinion. I do the same.

    Have a great week. Just cancel your subscription to men’s health. Bon Appétit.

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