Crisis in Israel!

Sorry about the lack of posting.  I have a proposal due next week and two more next month, not to mention gearing up for teaching classes… well, I’m a busy boy!

But I did want to comment on the situation in Israel and Gaza. I was pretty close on calling an attack by Israel, but the target was Hamas, not Iran, but prevailing wisdom points to Israel attacking before January 20th.  And they did.  I just had the wrong terrorists.

Charles at LGF and the dedicated Lizard Army have discovered a fake atrocity video.  The usual idiots are out, marching against Israel.  The talking heads are talking about Israel and what its response should or shouldn’t be, and how they’re awful.  I’ve even read an opinion piece on how Hamas is worse than the Nazis.

But nobody is asking the truly important question:  why did Hamas break the cease-fire?  Note what was happening in the world  when the cease fire was about to expire:  economic collapse, as well as a tremendous tumble in oil prices.  Combine that with relative peace between Israel and Hamas (read: Israel didn’t fire back when Hamas lobbed mortars and rockets into Israel) and you’ll find that Hamas was concerned their supply of money would dry up.

Hamas is supported by various Arab states and dignitaries, most of whom are rich due to international investments and connections to oil.  With the calm that descended on Gaza for the past 6 months and the tumultuous economic landscape, the sponsors of Hamas would have been more inclined to give Hamas less money.  Hamas needed to do something to A) keep relevant and B) stir up anti-Israeli sentiment again, if they were to try and recoup the lost income from their rich benefactors.  So, they ended the cease-fire, blamed Israel, then fired 300 rockets from Gaza into Israel in a week (to make it about 3000 since the start of the year).

Nobody wants to point out the Elephant in the Room, so I will.  Hamas is using the bodies of its people to generate money.  The more civilians and mosques struck down by Israel, the more money will come from sympathetic sources.  I don’t recall any Islamic precept which calls upon the individuals to sacrifice themselves in the name of Allah so thier sponsor state can make a few more millions.

Unfortunately for Hamas, they’re having far less success, partially because their initial attack was so poorly planned.  In addition, Israel took the time during the cease fire to gather intelligence on Hamas targets, and their capability to counter-attack rocket sites was improved to include rapid targeting.  In addition, Israel has a new stockpile of “top-down” munitions which are designed to destroy one house in a block and do little damage to the rest of the block.  As such, they can strike Hamas facilities and the houses of leadership without as big a risk of collateral damage.  Israel’s also been waging an information war on YouTube, showing hits on mosques and neighbhoods that show secondary explosions, confirming that Hamas is hiding weapons in “untouchable” locations, such as schools and mosques.  The UN School that was hit was hit becuase Hamas was using it as a launching pad, not because Israel consists of ruthless child killers.

Ultimately, Israel will be talked down from this action.  Hamas will regroup, and they’ll have their blood money from sympathetic allies.  But their lack of planning for love of greed has cost them dearly in the world of public opnion.  When you start hearing Egypt siding with Israel– well, Hamas, you’ve done something wrong.


3 Responses to “Crisis in Israel!”

  1. January 11, 2009 at 1:03 pm

    FWIW, it’s now being reported that Gaza residents are extremely PO’d–at HAMAS, not Israel.

  2. 2 John A. Davison
    January 16, 2009 at 5:49 pm

    I expect Obama to instruct Israel to practice “more restraint” when her neighbors insist on trying to destroy her. Isn’t that what he suggested for the Georgians when Putin invaded their country?

  3. 3 Matt R
    January 17, 2009 at 10:11 am

    Nice call Doc. Looks like Hamas was well aware of their backers money woes. Here’s the BBC’s take on this.

    Reminds me of how the IRA was dramatically curtailed after the USSR collapsed and they lost their funding.

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