The Death of the Autopsy?

I think you guys (all 10 of you) have noticed my lack of posting recently.  Truth be told, about 3 weeks ago, everything in my life was suddenly upended.  So I’ve been busy working on problems and the solutions to problems, and it’s occupying most of my time.  (Hey, it’s a free blog– I don’t even have ads!)  It’s kind of like that scene in “Goodfellas”, where everyone thinks Joe Pesci’s character is going to get Made, then he walks into the house, and suddenly realizes he’s going to get popped, and utters the classic words, “Oh sh*t…” before being shot in the back of the head.  That’s what I feel life did to me.

The good news is that this little event was eye-opening, and made me appreciate the things that are more important in life– friends, family & health.  Sniping about Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi sure is fun, but I find that when I get to posting about it, Instaglen or Ace or Hot Air has already digested, analyzed, and discussed the problem ad nauseum, so I don’t want to beat a dead horse just to hear my own voice.  So, that’s one reason I haven’t said much lately– a lack of original content!

But fear not.  I like blogging, and won’t be giving up on the blogging angle.  The Autopsy is not dead, but in limbo until I right this ship.  But be aware that until I get things under control here, blogging is a low priority, and unless something really bites my ass, I’m not going to be ranting about it.

In the meantime, I leave you with a lame joke.

Q:  What do you do with a bunch of dead chemists?

A:  Barium.


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