So much for taking a break

Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in!

In particular, somebody who thinks government should start limiting how many kids you should have to limit the impact on the environment.

State-forced abortions!  Where did I ever hear that before!?

Now, if you think about this policy, it effectively spells the death of socialism.  Socialism works on the principle that the children of tomorrow will pay for the retirement of the workers of today.  Well, if you limit the number of kids today, there will be more workers and less to pay, to a point where the promised monies to the elderly will exceed the tax revenue of the children, leading to higher taxes until you get to a point where the government cannot pay all the retirees, and you get a collapse.  It’s where we’re heading with social security, but the politicians are too afraid to fix it.  And forcing abortion isn’t going to fix it, it’s only going to exascerbate the problem.


1 Response to “So much for taking a break”

  1. 1 The Diatribe Guy
    February 2, 2009 at 9:54 am

    Doc, just wanted to thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog and check it out occasionally.

    Now, you happened to post on something that is near and dear to me – as a father of seven kids – and so I reciprocate.

    Two years ago, before I started really blogging about anything in particular, one of the very things that made me actually get interested in the global warming debate, besides the science of it, was the extent I saw the agenda being driven by what was being stated as the core “problem.” To me, whether said directly or indirectly, I could see what the more rabid AGW proponents were saying: People are the problem.

    Once that attitude is adopted, the logical conclusion can only be that policies will be implemented or attempted to presetn kids as a curse rather than a blessing. Rewards for limiting family size would be on the way. But then this utilitarian view would extend to other vulnerable members of our society that would be a “drain” on resources. The elderly and disabled.

    Until now, this has been subtle, yet pervasive. Expansion of abortion rights is now decades old, but even now a very non-public euthanasia occurs every day and is called compassion. Hundreds of millions of dollars are included for contraception in a stimulus bill because children cost the government money. Selective abortions are the norm with crisis pregnancies, where peopel either don’t want to deal with a Downs child, or consider such a child a drain on resources.

    Until now, it’s been more subtle. But stories like the one you linked to are becoming more and more common. And whereas these opinions used to be relegated to COmmunist China or nutjob left-wing yahoos, they are working their way into the mainstream and people who have influence on policy.

    This attitude is moving and has been moving much faster than most people even realize. The irony is that the very countries that are going to be collapsing in 20-50 years because they aren’t replacing themselves are the ones furthering these ill-conceived (…pun alert…) policies.

    I swear, every decision I see being made lately by every “advanced” government makes me think I’m in a bad dream. It’s almost as if they’re trying to send us into a global collapse, either near-term or long-term.

    Sorry for the long comment…

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