The Big Obama Implosion

Pres. Obama’s appointees have tax problems.  It’s up to what, three appointees with tax problems?  Four?  The cabinet’s not that big, folks!  We know Robert Gates doesn’t have tax problems because he’s a holdover from the GWB administration.

Now Pres. Obama reverts to his grandstanding, first with an article full of platitudes and nonsense, and today with a speech to Congressional Democrats.  Let me highlight a line, and I want every single Republican, Libertarian, conservative, or undeclared moderate to pay attention:

A fired-up Barack Obama ditched his TelePrompter to rally House Democrats and rip Republican opponents of his recovery package Thursday night – at one point openly mocking the GOP for failing to follow through on promises of bipartisanship.

So, it’s bipartisanship if the Republicans agree to support your will, but if they don’t, then it’s all their fault.  Who’s the person who basically tried to force Republican compliance with the “I won” statement?  People interested in bipartisanship don’t say things like that.

Now, Jake Tapper of ABC news has trapped the feckless Press Secretary Gibbs to basically admit that Pres. Obama has no real interest in transparency (chalk that one up on the wall).  Here’s the video:

You can see the frustration in Tapper’s face.  And there are rumblings in the press.  They’re showing an early frustration with The One, and I hope and pray that what we’re seeing is the start of a grand realization– that this man they cheered and treated as an icon rather than a Chicago-style pol is not a savior.  He’s woefully inexperienced for executive action, and his decisions have been disastrous– and they’re getting worse.  Instead of recognizing collapsing support for the $1 Trillion stimulus bill (nicknamed Porkulus), he’s digging in his heels and saying he has to because Bush did such a horrible job.

The faster the MSM realizes the President is quickly drowning in a job we can’t afford to let him drown in, they’ll turn into sharks– disaffected sharks, who, hopefully, will drop the partisan facade and revert to non-partisan reporting.

We can hope.  Hope the press changes.


4 Responses to “The Big Obama Implosion”

  1. February 6, 2009 at 9:08 am

    The Republicans are ridiculous at the minute. Almost hysterical.

    Democrats: Let’s make some changes.
    Republicans: ok, but we’re going to block and mock everything you say, unless you agree to do things our way…. the same way that has got us in this mess in the first place.
    Democrats: Then we’ll do it all ourselves
    Republicans: OMG!!! SO MUCH FOR BIPARTISANSHIP!!!”

  2. 2 zorn
    February 6, 2009 at 10:11 am

    It’s nice that we still have a bit of democracy left, that a minority party, for instance, can still slow and even prevent totally foolish actions by a majority party, at least long enough for people to begin to get some small part of the story. 🙂

    Slowly, slowly, I think people are realizing that the party that has had control of legislature for the last few years (that’s the Dem party, btw) actually worked hard to create the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac collapse, intentionally or otherwise, and thought that they could capitalize on it with this porkulus, creating a permanent Donkey-dominated nanny-state in the process.

    Well, we do not yet have a one-party, state-controlled system, and there is HOPE that as The One’s hypocrisy is outed more and more, our country will CHANGE direction away from socialism, and that The One’s hoped-for cleptocracy will never come to pass.

  3. 3 Matt R
    February 7, 2009 at 9:17 am

    Stay with me on this one. I know it begins, “So I was listening to NPR..”

    I was listening to NPR, waiting for Moneymarket to come on, when I hear about 100% republican no vote in the House. Then Cokey Roberts tells me its because Pelosi and the Den sequestered themselves w/o one Rep and drew up the 880 billion House StimPak. Of course the Rep voted no.

    The Reps voted no as a protest. I tend to agree this is the case since, well, NPR bit the hand that feeds them blamed the Dems and a 100% vote on anything is extraordinary. Its a win-win for Pelosi (who was as vindictive as Cheney) because the Dems are seen are progressive and the no vote paints the Reps in bad light.

    So for the House Reps I have tot quote the Grateful Dead, “set up like a bowling pin.”

    [Doc– “I was listening to NPR” is the new Penthouse Letters opening– “Dear Penthouse, I never thought this would happen to me…”

    But the Democrats did a big favor to the Republicans by excluding them from the Porkulus bill negotiations. In doing so, the Republicans can look like economic heroes. With 38% favorable rating of the Porkulus bill, the Republicans now look mainstream. Obama just shot all his political capital down the toilet, and gave the Republicans one big issue to run on in 2010 and 2012.]

  4. 4 John A. Davison
    February 7, 2009 at 2:59 pm

    B. Hussein Obama is a spoiled brat who is now threatening Congress in a desperate attempt to get the “stimulus package” passed. If it doesn’t please him don’t be surprised if he vetos it. He has only one goal which to convert the USA to the USSA. It would be far better to have no stimulus package than to implement this one no matter how it is modified. As Lindsay Graham described it – IT STINKS!

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