First Democrat Black President? Historic! First Black RNC Chair? Possible Criminal!

The Washington Post seems to have had a “accidental” file dump from the new Justice Department on Michael Steele dropped on their laps.

It’s the politics of change!  As in “Everything’s the Same!”  Imagine if Obama was the new DNC chair and this happened from a McCain Justice Department.  It would be “All Racism All The Time” and “Rich White Men against Progress!”  But turn the tables and we have a perfectly “reasonable” hit piece on Michael Steele.

Seems as though someone wants to distract from the Tax-Cheat of the Week Cabinet Circus.


1 Response to “First Democrat Black President? Historic! First Black RNC Chair? Possible Criminal!”

  1. February 8, 2009 at 7:51 pm

    At least Steele has a valid American birth certificate. We’re still waiting for Obama’s.

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