Don’t blame the Republicans

So, as I type this, the cloture vote for Porkulus (no, I’m Porkulus– no, I’m Porkulus!) is going on. Obama’s out, giving speeches, disrupting television viewing to explain why it’s important to spend this kind of money. And he’s attacking Republicans for blocking stimulus when we so desperately need to piss $1 trillion dollars to the wind.

But don’t blame Republicans for this revolt, President Obama. People aren’t agreeing with Republicans. People are inherently objecting to the fact they’re being asked to pony up 1 TRILLION dollars for this stimulus package. People are in shock! That’s why support is tanking.

Hey, if you could show me just how $1 Trillion would stimulate the economy, I might buy into it. But so far, there’s 0 transparency from the government. Just lots of receipt waving as Democrats roll around on the ground in pork.

Just to give you an idea, if we paid principle on our debt on the order of $1 trillion a year, we’d be looking at 13-15 years of it just to get back to zero.


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