Beauty and the Beast

Controversy stirred over the weekend, as “celebrity blogger” Perez Hilton attacked Miss California after the Miss USA pageant for an answer of hers to one of his questions.

Here’s the video of the question:

Notice Hilton’s head shake at the end of the question.  He was going to hammer her based on the answer to the question, not how she reacted to the question.  From Pageant Associates’ Q&A section:

This is your chance to impress each judge with your opinions, ability to communicate, and overall sense of self.

Notice it’s not, “The contestant shall regurgitate whatever the judge wants to hear.”  Hilton was out to make a point, and he made it loud and clear, stating that Miss California was a “dumb bitch“, a “c**t“, and claims that answer cost her the title.  (A shame you can’t choose pageant judges based upon their answers to questions, n’est-ce pas?)

What was wrong with the answer?  She expressed clearly that she embraced traditional family values, and that wasn’t the right thing to say to Perez Hilton.  So, he made sure she lost, and he made sure he attacked her.  And the organizers of Miss USA issued an apology to the gay community, because one of their contestants had an opinion, one that was requested of her by a judge! It’s embarassing that she was expected to cater to bottom-feeder Perez Hilton’s wishes than sticking to her own beliefs.

What this does is taint every future competition.  No longer can the girls express what they believe in (because it might upset a judge with an agenda).  Now, in order to win, they must go up and spew what the judges want to hear.

Thank you, Miss USA pageant and Perez Hilton, for coopting the process and enforcing group-think amongst the contestants.  Calling Mr. Trump– are you going to weigh in here?


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