An idea on Health Care

My big question is “How will we ever pay for Government sponsored health care when it’s clear our current plans will always produce deficits and pass the costs off on businesses and “the rich” (who will be people who make over $50,000 a year)?”

Now, Obama wants to be perfectly clear, and to do so, he’s passed the work off on Congress.  But now that the Congressional plan has stalled, he wants to write his own.  I’m unsure how it will differ from the Congressional bill, but one thing is for sure– the people who will pay for this are going to stay the same.

So I have a suggestion.  Currently, millions of dollars are being fed to organizations that are out promoting a single-payer health care system.  These programs are sending out information, paying “volunteers”, buying radio and TV ad time, and even paying for ad space on the internet.  All of this money is being spent to ensure that you (being the taxpayer) are going to pony up and spend money on the other “20 %” who don’t have health coverage (and remember, half of them are here illegally).

But there’s an easy solution.  If we take all the money from these 3rd party programs that are paying to promote and lobby for a single payer system, and instead make “CareCare”, an insurance company funded directly through3rd party support that covers the uninsured.  This way, everyone wins.  The poor are cared for by “CareCare”.  The rest of us don’t have to pay for it.  And the hand-wringers don’t have to fret about those who are uninsured or underinsured because their company, “CareCare”, will take care of them.

Here’s what CareCare will provide:

  • Covers any health-related costs from people without health insurance.
  • Covers anyone with pre-existing conditions.
  • Can pay for abortions for those who can’t pay.
  • Pays for holistic and non-traditional treatments.
  • Removes the burden from the states and feds as care is paid by a large charity fund paid into by organizations pushing for single-payer health care.
  • No government money is needed– it’s all paid for by “those who care!”

CareCare will be a private, national entity that will work with local hospitals solely for the purpose of covering those who cannot pay.

And remember, since CareCare is a non-profit, losing money is part of the process!

If CareCare works as well as the Democrats think a single-payer system will work, then there will be no need for a single-payer system, as CareCare will be the solution.  And if CareCare goes belly-up, no problem.  At least that way we know the single-payer system is unreliable.

And the best part?  It costs the taxpayers nothing.  All of the money is donated from lobbyists and left-leaning organizations wanting to prove such a system to be economically viable.

Now let’s get Reid, Pelosi, and Obama on board with George Soros, the Google Guys, and Oprah, and set up CareCare.  After all, they’re the ones who really want it.  Why not let them pay for it?


2 Responses to “An idea on Health Care”

  1. 1 Glenn
    September 16, 2009 at 10:17 pm

    My idea on illegal immigrant health care is to require that their employers provide AND pay for it 100%.

    • 2 docattheautopsy
      September 17, 2009 at 8:29 am

      No no no, Glenn! It’s unfair for the employers to pay for the health care of illegals! We need to set up a government body that pays for all illegal alien health care through taxes on the rich, like Dick Cheney and Big Oil.

      In fact, we should start paying the health care of the people in Canada and Mexico, since a lot of them come here anyway!

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