ACORN– Community Organizing For Illegal Underage Prostitutes

In the absolutely despicable file, ACORN has been found in Baltimore, Washington D.C., and New York City to have assisted an undercover “pimp and prostitute” establish a brothel.  Three separate offices of ACORN, each breaking the law.  And it’s not a “registered a few hundred dead guys” crime– it’s suborning the prostitution of vulnerable young girls.

I’m sure this would make UN Peacekeepers in the Congo happy.

This story is a considerable scandal, particularly because President Obama has ties to ACORN that are particularly deep.  The American Spectator reports in 2008 about Obama’s  links to ACORN, especially to his friends Rev. Pfleger and Rev. Wright.

Today, the US Senate voted to revoke any Federal funding to ACORN.  The vote was 83-7, with our own Herb Kohl changing his vote.  (Evidently someone on his staff watched the videos and sent a runner to the chamber– “The video says what?  Child whoring?  HEY CAN I CHANGE MY VOTE!?”)  Way to be on top of it, Herb.  I guess he was for it before he was against it.

ACORN’s defense on this has been feeble up until ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis (pictured) got into the act.  Her belligerent response today to the Senate vote stripping funding is almost as disgusting as their frontman’s screed on MSNBC today.  Here’s what Bertha said:

“We’re disappointed that the Senate took the rare and politically convenient step of supporting eliminating some federal funding for a single organization, one that has been the target of an historical political assault stemming variously from the Bush White House, Fox News, and other conservative quarters,” said Bertha Lewis, CEO of ACORN, in a statement after the Senate vote. “Fortunately, ACORN derives most of its income from its members and other supporters, so the decision will have little impact on overall operations. Tonight’s vote will burden the families who benefited from ACORN’s important work to improve housing conditions in the United States.”

So, she shrugs it off, effectively saying ACORN’s going to keep doing what it’s doing, regardless of Federal funding.  So all you pimps trying to find someone to help you find a house to establish your brothel for underage Honduran prostitutes, ACORN is still more than willing to help you out.


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