Global Warming Update!

New story out– falling CO2 levels caused Antarctica to form!

And ready for the biggest leap of scientific faith yet?  It comes from “scientist” Bridget Wade from Texas A&M:

The study reconstructed CO2 levels around this period, showing a dip around the time ice sheets in Antarctica started to form. CO2 levels were around 750 parts per million, about double current levels.

“There are no samples of air from that age that we can measure, so you need to find something you can measure that would have responded to the atmospheric CO2,” Paul Pearson of Cardiff University told Reuters.

Wait.. 750 ppm?  That’s double what we have today.  Aren’t we supposed to already have hit a tipping point where runaway warming is inescapable?  Aren’t we a few ppm of CO2 away from a planet that will warm by 15 degrees a year, creating a feedback loop that will melt every ice cube on earth?

But… if the CO2 value was twice that of current CO2 concentrations, then how can the greenhouse model predict rapid glacier and ice cap formation? It can’t.  There has to be a systematic event which triggers the shift.  If the planet is unfazed, then there is no way glaciers could form, so long as the CO2 concentration is 750 ppm.

But that doesn’t stop our intrepid scientist from making a wild allegation that there is a correlation between a drop in CO2 values to a formation of ice caps.  This has to completely ignore any other outside factors to be true, and to do such a thing is complete ignorance.


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