Who’s Reporting the ACORN Scandal?

Who’s running with the story of the ACORN scandal?

The LA Times ran a print piece. WaPo? Nope. NYT? Hardly. Glen Beck even takes a peek at who’s covering the story last night.

Charlie Gibson says, “Whatchu talkin’ about Willis?” (paraphrasing)

Again, just as with Van Jones, the media says nothing. But boy did they have a heyday with Rep. Joe Wilson, a Republican from South Carolina. You can’t say “You lie!” to a guy who’s lying to you! For shame, conservative shill for Big OilTobaccoPharmaPollutionFat!

It’s embarrassing, but when you live in the bubble of the Democrat-aligned media, you are only interested in what’s scandal, and obviously, anyone trying to bring down ACORN is not a scandal. (But did you hear Kanye West is a jackass?)

So, here’s my tribute to the new face of the media. All hail the Mouthpiece Media!



14 Responses to “Who’s Reporting the ACORN Scandal?”

  1. 1 Tabbysmom
    September 15, 2009 at 10:23 am

    As an RN, I can really appreciate the name you’ve chosen for your blog. The problem with the SRM (State Run Media) is that the are not disecting the news even though the forensic evidence is there.An autopsy is done to find out the cause of death…it’ll be only a matter of time before one is done on their collective bodies.

  2. 2 Karen
    September 15, 2009 at 10:58 pm

    It’s embarrassing, but when you live in the bubble of the Democrat-aligned media

    Dos anybody really give a shit about this story cept the Beck/O’Reilly white racist nutjobs on the all-white Faux News channel? Desperately trying to tie this somehow to Obama, blacks and all things liberal, you won’t find this story much outside of the wingnut media, and for good reason. Such intelligent quality people we’re dealing with here.

    • 3 docattheautopsy
      September 16, 2009 at 8:56 am

      Karen, it’s not so much the story, as much as it is the cover-up of the story. ACORN, a substantial recruitment and fund raising tool for the DNC, is [i]systematically[/i] endorsing the breaking of laws. Remember, Obama worked for ACORN. If a President helped establish a community-organization front that had directives to help people do things like set up a brothel on the Federal dime, import underage, illegal prostitutes from El Salvador, and then funnel those monies to Democratic campaigns, don’t you think it should be investigated?

      Or is that racist, as you implied?

      Or do you think we should do more hard-hitting interviews with Levi Johnston?

  3. September 16, 2009 at 10:44 am

    The only thing about “Karen” (above comment) is that she also has her head in the sand. Fox is the only ones with the truth to let us know what is going on. They don’t want us to know the truth! Enjoy you, Michelle, on the network. Still in the dark why you are not on O’Reilly anymore! Too conservative?? Pauline

    [Doc – Pauline, thanks for the kind words. I only wish I was on O’Reilly doing commentary! But that’s all Michelle’s gig.]

  4. 5 Karen
    September 16, 2009 at 11:28 pm

    What you didn’t hear on Fox News is that these actors went to several ACORN offices before they found people stupid and corrupt enough to take the bait. The last video show a woman just playing with these actors. This is trival BS – news and red meat to only the 99% white Fox News crowd. It is as if Obama is in charge of ACORN and they’re trying to use ACORN or anything they can get to bring down the president. So transparent, partisan. There is no integrity in conservative media. Only half truths and race baiting, like Limbaugh telling us that white kids are now beaten by blacks kids on school busses. You just eat it up.

    Remember whenb CREW went after Tom Delay, went after Bush for the missing scandal? CREW was labeled as a liberal organization. Well guess what, CREW’s list of most corrupt congressmen includes a majority of Democrats. Can you imagine Fox News or Rush Limbaugh going after corrup conservatives? That’s what I’m talking about. The so called “left wing media” has 1000 times more journalistic responsibility and ethics than the likes of Fox News. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen Olbermann go after Obama for letting down voters, breaking promises, etc… You won’t see that on the other side. It’s really sick.

    • 6 docattheautopsy
      September 17, 2009 at 8:39 am

      Karen– Baltimore, New York, D.C., L.A., San Diego, and more are coming. This isn’t a case of a “few bad apples”. This is systematic. Try taking the blinders off.

      ACORN in influencing elections. Don’t you find it a problem that this corrupt organization has a) doctored voting rolls b) is under investigation for voter fraud in 14 states and c) is now shown to go out of their way to hide a prostitution business for underage illegal immigrants?

      What I find disgusting is your inherent need to be an apologist for this organization. None of these people batted an eye when told about the underage girls. In fact, the San Diego office was willing to help get the girls over the border!

      This is a scandal. Even Jon Stewart and the Daily Show thinks so.

      And evidently you were not watching FOX during the Mark Sanford affair scandal. That got a lot of play with all the networks, but strange that so few seem interested in Chris Dodd’s sweetheart loans with Countrywide, or Charlie Rangel’s tax evasion. If they had 1000 times more ethics, then why didn’t they cover the Van Jones story? Or the fact that Joe Wilson, when saying “You Lie” during the Obama speech, was actually correct (albeit out of order).

      But, go ahead and be an uninformed and willfully ignorant robot for the Left in this country.

      Underage, illegal prostitutes used to fund a political campaign. Doesn’t that bother you, Karen?

  5. 7 Karen
    September 17, 2009 at 10:35 pm

    Or Bush cabinet member Norton, now under criminal investigation by the Justice Dept for funneling $Billions of dollars to her future employer Shell Oil Co… even lobbied to change the law regulating leasing. That’s HUNDREDS of Billions of dollars of oil leases illegally awarded. … makes acorn kinda look like … an acorn.

    What happened to the health care debate? Especially now that physicians are overwhelmingly supporting the public option.

    • 8 docattheautopsy
      September 18, 2009 at 9:19 am

      Yes! We should impeach Bush for having a cabinet member under investigation for alleged misconduct! Guilty before proven innocent and all that! Off with his head!

      Oh, wait, you can’t impeach someone who’s no longer president. Nice one, Karen.

      As for your spin, 63% support keeping private options with a public option. Good for the doctors, however, the public option will bankrupt the private companies? How? Well, look at it this way, Karen. Two businesses offer the same product and costs are essentially the same. One company runs only on income generated by its business model. The other company gets money from the business model AND half of the money comes free-of-charge from a large, faceless entity. As a result, company B can charge much less for the same product, which puts company A out of business because they cannot compete.

      It’s like what has happened to America manufacturing. Labor costs in the US are high due to numerous factors. These factors are greatly reduced in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, where cost of living is drastically different. As a result, labor in these countries is far cheaper, so businesses, if they want to remain competitive, have to outsource there for labor. if they try and manufacture in the US, their labor costs alone make their product far more expensive. That’s why the $10 kids market is almost exclusively made overseas.

      But, don’t let basic economic theory get in the way of liberal idealism and emotional rhetoric, Karen.

  6. 9 Read the reality
    September 19, 2009 at 7:56 pm

    In reality, ACORN has registered close to 2 million low-income citizens across the country over the past five years — a laudable record with a very low incidence of fraud of any kind. They had completed fewer than two dozen false registrations — out of more than a million new voters registered by ACORN during that cycle. The mythology that suggests that thousands or even millions of illegal registrants voted is itself a fraud. If only the Republicans who have worked up a frenzy over ACORN’s alleged crimes were so indignant about real and damaging voter fraud — such as the amazing case of Young Political Majors, the firm that ran GOP registration efforts in California, Massachusetts, Florida, Arizona and elsewhere before the authorities in Orange County, Calif., busted its president, Mark Anthony Jacoby, and sent him to jail last year. He had built a lucrative partisan career by teaching his minions to deceive thousands of voters into registering as Republicans rather than Democrats, among other scams. Of course, the only on-air mention of the Young Political Majors scandal on Fox News was made by blogger Brad Friedman — and the national media, mainstream and conservative, generally ignored it. They were too busy generating “controversy” over ACORN in a transparent and racist effort to bite at the ankles of President Obama.

    Who really cares about this story? With all the fruad and waste in gov’t , bailed out CEOs are pocketing millions and a group dedicated to helping the poor gets bashed. Obama has proposed capping compensation for executives at banks that take taxpayer bailout money at $500,000. Republicans oppose the idea. Thats right… “leave no CEO behind.” WTF is wrong with this picture?

    Get your nose out of the rw machine and taste some reality. Your motives are clear.

  7. 10 Matt R.
    September 20, 2009 at 11:42 am

    nice to see some numbers but they are one of the “statistics=damn lies” things. ACORN was paid to go into democratic pref wards and register democrats. Not legal or ethical by current regs. Only non paid volunteers are allowed to do that. Yes, the registrations were legal, but not the workers, who were paid by funds that are connected to the Presidential Campaign.

    How bad is it? Check out the ACORN embezzling case. This should give you an idea 1)how much money is involved 2) just how much is at stake 3)just how immoral ACORN leadership is. Lastly, keep in mind that millionaires donated the embezzled funds to ACORN. Those kinds of guys and gals watch every penny like hawks. So why was it left to GOP’s to discover the malfesence? Because the democratic donors DID NOT WANT TO KNOW what happened to the money is the only logical conclusion. Sound like a simple business to you? The voters “fell of a truck” kinda thing.

    The other half of your argument is stupid. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Besides many of the New York CEO’s, like Bernie Madoff, were big shot democratic party donors. Why do you suppose they got the bailout? Because they innocently support “grass roots” movements like ACORN? Hmmmmm?

    The guys who punked ACORN said they wanted to set up a Child Slavery Brothel. And nobody threw them out. Nobody in any city called the police. Come on!

    Few bad apples? Or a system that will get votes at any price?

  8. 11 docattheautopsy
    September 20, 2009 at 1:31 pm

    Read the Reality–

    Just out of curiosity, I copied the whole first line of his comment and posted into Google. What did I find? The same comment was posted by Joe “Mouthpiece for the DNC” Conason at Salon (I’d put in the link, but, frankly, I don’t care). In fact, the vast majority of the post is plagiarized directly from Conason’s piece, except where he starts calling me a racist.

    I find it amusing RtR would come here and accuse me of having my nose in the “rw machine” when he directly copies a piece from one of the biggest mouthpieces of the left wing.

    But, RtR will never see the comment. How do I know? Anyone who copies and pastes someone else’s work and claims it as his own is a fraud who cannot think on his own. Hey, maybe it’s Joe Biden!

  9. 12 Matt R.
    October 14, 2009 at 4:54 pm

    Afghanistan is plagued with “ghost” polling stations and proxy voters.
    Why not contract ACORN to register voters in Afghanistan?
    That’ll make sure it’s honest.

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