Obama Scolding McChrystal

General McChrystal has come under fire recently by the Obama administration for remarks made in speeches recently.  Specifically, they told him to stop the public appearances.  This seems to come from the top, and even Defense Secretary Gates telling the general to cool the talk circuit for now.  Obama and McChrystal had a heart-to-heart aboard Air Force One in Europe as Obama was heading to the Olympic debacle.

The general knows how politics is played, but he must be quite frustrated with the Obama Administration’s utter lack military experience.  My last post illustrated the Obama Administration’s utter lack of experience in military matters, and Obama’s leadership in Afghanistan is certainly showing this in spades.  Even though some may disagree with the COIN strategy in Afghanistan, there is universal opinion that Obama’s plan is laughable.  Dispatches from Michael Yon are clear: the situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating rapidly.  Some worry about an increase of troops leading to an increase in recruitment for Al Queda and the Taliban, but we’ve seen this same scenario play out favorably in Iraq.

Ultimately, Obama is going to choose to leave the troops in Afghanistan in place, while Congress slowly chokes off funding for vital equipment, like helicopters, until 2010, when a new Congress forces Obama’s hand.  Hopefully.


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