The Gardisil Blow-Up

So, after last night’s debate and Governor Perry’s Gardasil Crime Against Humanity, I wanted to weigh in and explain why every single pundit out there has it wrong (primarily because they’re looking to score some kind of points by promoting ignorance).  So, let’s call up the bullet points.

  • Governor Perry Was Wrong:  He was wrong to force a mandate.  He admitted it.  Good for him.  But Rep. Bachmann wasn’t going to accept that apology, especially when she gained traction from it.
  • Representative Bachmann Was Wrong:  Stating that Gardisil causes mental retardation is just stupid.  She was doing well until she made this baseless claim, which now makes her seem as credible as Jenny McCarthy on the vaccine issue.  Way to go, Michelle.
  • Romney’s Stealth Minions Are Wrong:   There’s a meme out there that Perry is guilty of Crony Capitalism for buying Merck’s vaccine. It’s possible that Perry’s doling out favors to Merck, but the evidence points to some things people are conveniently ignoring.  1)  Merck had a patent on Gardisil.  So there’s no way the Texas government could find a competing drug because none existed.  As such, there’s no “crony capitalism” as there’s no “capitalism” at all.  If they wanted to prevent HPV, Gardisil was their only choice.  2) Merck is an equal-opportunity contributor.  In 2010, they spent $84K on Democrats and $120K on Republicans.  Seems they’re more interested in just keeping lines to power open than “buying politicians”.  3)  It’s already been shown Perry had peripheral involvement in the Gardisil matters.  If he was truly giving Merck a big payday, he should have been more involved.

In essence, Perry was wrong, but admitted his error.  Harping on the error does very little to increase political points.  Bachmann discovered that with her overreach and now sounds like an ignorant hack.  The Gardisil flap has damaged Perry, but this issue is not going to bring him down, nor is it going to propel Bachmann or Romney to the front.  The longer this is kept in the spotlight by Romney and Bachmann, the more it will seem that Romney and Bachmann are one-note critics.


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