What We’re Missing in the Debates

Dear Republican Candidate–

Way to knock ’em dead in the debate on Monday.  You really showed that other guy/girl!  Your witty remarks on Gardisil / Social Security / Jobs / Obama really made me laugh!

Unless you’re John Huntsman.  Because, let’s face it, Alice in Chains did “No Excuses”, not Nirvana.  N00b.

Now, on to the next debate.  Here’s something none of you have talked about.

Obamacare.  Specifically, killing the beast.  And burning its corpse.  Then shooting the ashes into space.

Because Executive Orders aren’t going to cut it.  It’s till a law.  It’s still on the books unless A) Congress Repeals it or B) The Supreme Court nullifies it.  And I don’t want to put that much trust in Anthony Kennedy.

So that means it’s got to be all of Congress.  So, if things stay they way they are in the House, and I don’t see why they wouldn’t, I expect the House to be held by the GOP in 2012.  But as for the Senate, flipping it to a GOP majority is going to be necessary to bring a vote on Obamacare.  And you want a solid majority–none of this 51 vote stuff.  We want as many new GOP senators as we can get in the US Senate.  We know Obama sucks, and the country is right there with you.  But if you don’t bring up the Senate in the next debate, well, you’re just setting yourselves up for 2 years of Senate obstructionism.

Now that the spotlight is firmly upon the Republican contender field, it’s time to stop splitting hairs about what GOP Candidate 1-8 is saying.  Now is the time to open up on the Democratic Senate and lay out the reasons they should be replaced in 2012 and help usher in a new GOP Congress that can balance the budget, eliminate the debt, reform the tax code, kill Obamacare, and restore the US Economy.  And here, I’ll even help you out with this.

  • The Democratic Senate failed to produce a budget– even in 2010 when they had control of the Senate, House and White House.
  • The Democratic Senate could have passed a debt ceiling increase in 2010 with the House and White House, but instead waited for the Republican House to send budgets.  And then the Senate could look like they did something by rejecting Republican budgets.
  • The Democratic Senate refused to act to fix Medicare.  Rather than offering counters to Rep. Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity” to fix the upcoming Medicare Bankruptcy, the Senate rejected the plan and refused to consider any changes.  Instead, the Senate Democrats simply cross their fingers and hope the money fairy (read: China) bails us out when the time comes.  But it’s not important, since the rich Democratic Senators can simply move to the Cayman Islands and leave the rest of us to deal the Medicare problem.
  • The Democratic Senate refuses to act on Social Security.  Again, they’d rather bankrupt the system rather than fix it.
  • The Democratic Senators will stave off the bankruptcy of Medicare/Social Security by raising taxes.
  • The Democratic Senate rejected Obama’s 2010 budget unanimously.  But again, the Democrats did not offer a counter-proposal.
  • The Democratic Senators unanimously supported the Stimulus and Stimulus II bills, contributing to debt but failing to do anything to help pay for it, other than borrow money.
  • While America was hemorrhaging jobs and teetering on Double Dip Recession territory, the Democrats in the Senate responded by offering nothing and passing nothing to help.

Now is the time to hit the Obama administration.  But you must also hit the Democrats in the Senate for their absolute lack of passion and responsibility.  If not, nothing will be solved in 2012, and we’ll be able to solve very little thanks to Democratic Senate obstructionism.


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