What the Hell is Gracie Law Doing Here?

Quotes from Big Trouble in Little China can work with anything!

In this case, I’m talking about Newt Gingrich as the conservative frontrunner in the GOP race.  I don’t think anyone really saw this coming.

I’m not too perturbed about Newt.  I was a supporter of Contract with America, and he knows what makes a conservative.  But he’s prone to getting distracted, and he’s had some ethics issues, so he’s not the best guy to nominate.  But will Obama fare well against Newt in the debates?  No.  Newt will destroy Obama.  Handily.

But that leaves the question:  who’s best?

Santorum?  Unfortunately for him, he lost in Pennsylvania, which is a swing state.  And it seems Republicans remember that.

Paul?  Certainly he’s called the Fed problems.  And his fiscal policies are solid.  But his isolationism is dangerous.

Huntsman?  I can’t get him.  He seems very moderate, and he has executive experience as Governor of Utah.  And he’s been the ambassador to China.  I don’t know.

Perry?  On record alone, he’s solid.  But he’s a gaffe machine.  (And so was Bush, btw.  Must be a Texas thing.)  His proposals have been solid.  And the team around him is excellent.  I don’t know if he’d do well in a debate with Obama, or royally screw the pooch.

And that brings me to Herman Cain.  I really don’t know what’s up, but with the sexual harassment claims, and now the woman claiming the 13 year affair and the non-denial denial from Cain’s camp, he’s falling apart.  At this point, he’s shedding support because he’s been inconsistent on the scandal.  At least with Newt, we know his scandals, and he’s freely admitted them.  But Cain crumbled with the clumsy coverup.  In addition, he performed poorly in the Foreign Policy Debates.

(Oh, I didn’t include Bachmann because she faded ages ago, mainly because she hasn’t put forth any plans of substance.)

Now, the big question is what happens to the 10-15% of Cain voters when Cain inevitably pulls out.  Where will they go?  Who has a plan that is similar to Cain’s?  Cain’s big push was 9-9-9, and that’s where he found his support.  But the only other people out there that’s proposed something similar are Newt and Perry.  Since the 10-15% of Cain voters haven’t peeled of to Newt, it’s safe to say they’re going to run somewhere else– and that’s most likely to Perry.

To solidify this, and rebound in the campaign, Perry’s going to have to quickly secure Cain’s support.  If Perry’s going to have a chance to pull off the nomination, he’s got to secure the Cain backers, and that means securing Cain.



4 Responses to “What the Hell is Gracie Law Doing Here?”

  1. 1 Bigbrother
    January 3, 2012 at 3:55 pm

    I think a better quote from BTILC would be…

    “That’s the way it always starts, with something small.”

  2. January 19, 2012 at 11:52 am

    Pretty much down to Romney or Gringrich at this point in time.

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